Any stacked/shelved items decaying

PlayStation 4, online and single player, Private servers and Official. Definitely a Bug.

Since the last update, any items stacked on a shelf or on a bench are decaying. This is happening to others as well and I’ve only noticed it shortly after the most recent update on the PlayStation 4.
I’ve logged out and next time I’ve played I checked the Event log and it shows items decayed and gone. It doesn’t matter if I log out for the night or just a few minutes. Even items that have sat in the same place for .ore than 5 months are decaying and disappearing.

Anyone else, other than I experience this?

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Yes, same here on pvp servers. Anything I put on top of a chest or bench decays

My entire base which I was logged into yesterday despawned. Entirely.

I’ve decided there are other games with better stability which I’ll be playing.

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My bed decayed while I was sleeping on it.

I’m playing on official european PVE server and I stack chests on top of each other. 3 in a row. They’re still there. I recieved warnings from other players that they can dissapear but I keep doing it. I can’t imagine organising my chests other way than this. I bet those players were playing on servers long before I even got serious about Conan. To be shure when I’m placing and stacking up new columns of chests I wait for a server restart to have minimal shure before putting items in them.

The glitch of stacked chests disappearing was fixed in the last update so they should be fine now.

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