Decay timer bug

Game mode: [ : (Online official )]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvE-Conflict ]
Region: eu
Hardware: [ ps4 ]

Bug Description:

That is the first time i get this bug.
I don’t know if its the same people reported about losing chests and other stuff where decay timers not reset correctly.

At the screenshot is a message from my event log that two plates decaying (in the past!) this is the moment where I came online.

This is happening on private and official servers as well. For me on Playstation 4. It started happening right after the most recent update.

The next items decaying while going online.

Again some plates and this time nemedian figures on a shelf too

It’s the shelves!

Don’t use them.

Everything I have placed on a shelf since the update has vamoosed!

Everything else though, seems to be fine.

(famous last words!)

Only the nemedian figures are on shelves. The plates not.

I think everything that is placed on another peaceable is eligible to fall prey to this bug.

Also Wall decoration can decay in my experience.

I have many plates ‘in walls’ where my chests are placed. But funny that I lost one i used for decoration on normal floor. The one on tables and benches are still there.

I read about this and the chest stability issue before 2.7 and I was wondering that it not affects me. My chests placed in walls are still alive but seems that slowly I will lose some stuff.

It happens only two times and there where some days between where it doesn’t happen.

I hope the fix will be faster then the random decay

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