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I’ve been playing on server 3502 for some time and never had a problem till recently. I was expanding my base by adding a new building connecting everything. Everything is fine in the new building except for my boxes that I stack on shelves. I’ve done this before and never had an issue. For some reason some of the boxes I stack on the shelves have a different decay rate than everything else. I didn’t notice it till boxes started disappearing after I logged off then logged back on. Even if I was just using the boxes or just a few hours between log ins it happened. I checked the logs. And they say abandoned then decayed. I started repairing to see if things were damaged. That’s when I noticed the difference in decay rate. Even if I change boxes it’s still different for some reason. What could be the problem?

I had a problem before where my box was on shelf, and lost stability while i was offline, lost everything from the boxes. Now I dont stuck them in shelves.
Even if the wall is 100 stability, there is a chance, which I cant understand how, that boxes may lose stability if they are on shelves.

Yesterday, I placed books on a wall shelf, and today i noticed they lost stability on top of the shelf and disappeared.

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Yeah, just avoid shelves for the time being, at least until they fix the bug.

(assuming of course, they do) :crossed_fingers:

Hello there, thank you for your report. We’ve sent the information to our team for them to check.

Please let us know if you encounter any other issues.

This really is a returning issue…
I would advice against using chests on shelves

If they don’t disappear for like a year they will eventually anyway… it really sucks but I’ve had this 4 times in between updates… 2.7 being the worst (50 large chests lost)

I no longer trust chests on shelves…

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