Login and disappearance bugs

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Europe]

OK yes this is a rant. As I have once been to this emotional state because of conan but enough is enough so I created this account. Official 2113 pvp.
Seriously what is happening again? (xbox one official server) first my bed is gone and there is a sign above where it stood + a box is gone also, and the room of my clan mate is emptied bed furniture full box and cupboard with stuff… Then other boxes and in the end we can’t even log back. When we could, I died as all foundations and walls glitches to nothing I’m guessing my stuff from my inventory is gone also because of that. I’m not going to abandon the game yet fully but in this state in no way is it worth buying anymore dlc that’s also sure. Funcom what happened now?
The sad part is I loved the game at start. The option to build castles to siege defend and make a full world. It sounded to good and as these glitches show it was.
I’m guessing we will get nothing back from anything we lost correct?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.log in if you can or be in the game and it will appear or not, if you can somehow login now

Hello @Kyiran, welcome to the forums and thank you for reaching out!

We’ve looked into the server’s stats and couldn’t detect any issues with it in the past days, could you please share a screenshot of your Event Log as it might hint at what could’ve happened to your items?

Hi Hugo thanks for the swift response. The beds etc are back. But the character inventory are gone because of our deaths. Event log is completely empty.

I can’t get into any servers either, any solution?

For me/ us the issue is gone for now. Unfortunately it can be because of a variety of factors. Issue with the server… Connection issue or Xbox live… The game itself. Try console restart and hope. Nothing else you can try unfortunately oh and modem reboot

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