Items keep disappearing and chests loses ownership

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [EU]

[I’ve almost had it with this game now. Not only the frame rate is like watching a bunch of polaroidpictures displaying on the screen in a very slow fashion. But all the things you keep building either disappearing when you log off and on again or half the things become someone else’s property ie no one’s. Because I’m playing this on solo. When are these gamebreaking buggs getting fixed on the ps4? These are Buggs that plagued this game in the early stages and we get this now as a finished product? ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start the game
  2. Look at the screen
  3. Become mad at missing items
  4. Log off

Yeah all last week was fine for me had a lvl 3 Archer in a walled off place so he could not get killed by other players (yet another bug) I am on a Pve server. One day the thrall, one part of the ladder that reached to his post, the wheel of pain I just built and had a thrall in, my bedroll and the torch next to it we’re all gone. This is ridiculous and will kill the game like many of the other game killing bugs that have not been addressed. A total waste of time and resources, now I am worried to build any new things or place any new Thralls. I am not sure if this is due to the hotfix but it just started, all of last week was fine. I am starting to think that Funcom devs are doing this on purpose, haha…

Dude Im with you first coop server I started crashed with some ridiculous error code 348 something I think , who knows. An I started another coop server just to give the game a second chance an what do you know I log back in an me and my husband have everything set with no owner cant delete crap cant move crap…at this point I wanna toss the game in the toilet . WHO RELEASES A GAME LIKE THIS OMG! 50 plus hrs gone TWICE!


I play offline, on a local game, withing a clan though, in which I’m the sole member

I have spend a whole afternoon building a pyramid (40x40 blocs, quite a big one) in the middle of the desert. Without using the admin panel, playing fair, mining and crafting…

2 days after, I had lost the ownership of this building…nothing more to do except maybe destroying the PS4 and the TV…

I haven’t played for a while, I logged back two days ago, I have lost the ownership of the compost heap, for example, which is inside a building…what can I do ?

Is Funcom think about doing something about those bugs ???

Oh man I hope this bug isn’t back

have been bilding my awsom fort now for two days and loging in today an tryed to delet some of the fort wall and it stod that the it was nog my to delete becaus its not my !!! god dame i hate that bug cant they fix it