No owner bug in single player

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Here]

Been playing since 2nd day of release. PS4 Pro. Constant blue screening and common bugs that are known and reported already. However today I got a new one after a crash I reload the game and now my entire base has no owner. All stations and thralls still belong to my single player clan anything new I build is owned by my clan. But I can no longer build on my existing base. As well as resource respawn is messed up with trees and rocks spawning in my former abode. I want to buy the dlc but I can not continue to support a company when I can barely play the game I bought and now this. All my progress gone. No clue if new patch did this or what. No clue how to reproduce the bug. I never left the clan and only made one because of issues with thralls
Steps on how to reproduce issue: the game?

Dude Im with you first coop server I started crashed with some ridiculous error code 348 something I think , who knows. An I started another coop server just to give the game a second chance an what do you know I log back in an me and my husband have everything set with no owner cant delete crap cant move crap…at this point I wanna toss the game in the toilet . WHO RELEASES A GAME LIKE THIS OMG!

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mind you both servers I played for 50+ hrs lost everything

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