Bugs since Siptah comes out

Game mode: *[ Select one: Online private
Type of issue: *[ Select one: Bug
Server type: *[ Select one: PvE
Region: * EU
Mods?: No

Bug Description:

We have so many bugs since the map Siptah comes out, that i doesnt know how i can begin…

We have the problem that Thralls falls under the mesh afte knock off them.
Thralls and animals doesnt know the path back who they come from.
Thralls can´t handle shields…katana and some one handed weapon… they stand still and do nothing. They doesnt follow and doesnt port behind us… they stand still where the are !
Purges doesnt knows path… they stuck on rocks…hills…trees and all other objects in the way.
The Trogs (for Thralls and Animals) are heavently broken… we tested that two thralls can eat a full Trog in 30minutes… wtf??? Animals the same… i dont know why but on the exiles map earlier it goes and a longer time completly broken…
The Shilds when i fight with it are very often useless… hits goes through the shields… im not the only who has the problem. Thralls can break our kombos and they ignores completly others combos.
The purges completly unbalanced… here a one… rock stones lvl3 comes a 3head boss and on lvl 4 only one headed and by the others the same.
It comes so many Patches and no one knows what it brings… we can see nothing. The last one says… a small patch for fixes of the latest weeks… we talk about 2gb??? when a patch comes, would i know what it takes. Often we doesnt knows what the patches brings.
Im sure that i forgotten some bugs.

And the sickest of all… nobody will hear it or would be answers our bugs… No devs gives a anwser.
We talk about problems that not exist two or three days… these problems are since Siptah comes out at hte first day!

Sorry for my bad english…

The devs are busy fixing the game and developing new features. The Community Managers, however, do respond. You can find their latest responses to the threads posted in the bug section here:



I was going to post a bug report, but it seems this report has the bug I was encountering. That being the fact that I equipped a Katana of the Grey Ones to one of my thralls and sure enough, permanently stuck in combat mode. It’s not 100% broken as the thrall does make an attempt to “follow” but if told to engage a mob in combat, it gets stuck at the spot when said command was given. So basically, you need to drag the mob to the thrall, just to get it to fight. Relogging and server restarts have no impact on affected thrall. They are permanently bugged and I can’t even remove the Katana from it’s hands at this point and this is on official ( thus non modded ) servers.

Game Mode: Online Official Server #6107
Type of Issue: Permanent Bug
Server Type: Official PvE Conflict #6107
Region: North America
Mods?: No

Bug Description: Katana of the Grey Ones corrupts thrall making them basically useless and nonresponsive. Relogging, server restarts do nothing and Katana can not be removed or swapped with another weapon. Thrall is permanently bugged at this point.

Expected Behavior: Thrall should not get stuck in place. Thrall should not be stuck in permanent combat mode. Thrall should follow properly. Thrall should engage in combat properly.

Installed Mods: N/A for Official Servers

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Place a thrall
  2. Equip Katana of the Grey Ones ( Possibly any Katana )
  3. Tell pet to engage a mob in combat
  4. Thrall is now stuck in permanent combat mode
  5. Thrall non responsive ( 5-10% responsive with poor follow ability, will not engage with new combat orders )
  6. Relogging, server restarts do nothing to fix thrall
  7. Weapon can neither be removed or swapped with another weapon

Uhm, I don’t know what happened, but that thrall was moving around in my base on its own. So I picked it up and placed it back down on guard. Decided to see if I could remove the Katana from being equipped and amazingly enough, I could remove it. I have no idea why or what caused it to do that, but that thrall was bugged for over 24 hours, which included me relogging several times and of course an official server restart this morning.

I’m clueless now…

P.S. I also found a Skeleton Key just appear in my inventory? WTF is going on? lol

Greetings @MShanok,

We apologize for all the frustration the bugs have caused you. We are still working on fixes and improving the balance in the combat.

Regarding the Patches, you can check what’s included by checking the Patch notes channel here in the forum or by checking the game news on Steam.

The community team is always present here in the forum and on our other official channels. Feel free to tag us when deemed necessary by adding @Community to your message. :slight_smile:

We will forward all the bug information to our team. Along with your report @Rhoklaw, thank you for filling all the fields to help us reproduce the issue.

Have a great week!

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