Thralls still broken 2021

I have a lot of hours in Conan. It’s a good game. I play on a private PC server (g-portal) with one other player.

Just tried the new Siptah update and the thralls are very broken. They don’t follow well, they often don’t respond to commands (like move here). They frequently get glitched and stutter when they move. Lost a named thrall tonight who stopped responding (even though it still said ‘following’). And they just stood there getting attacked and didn’t even fight back and ultimately died. I couldn’t move the thrall out of the area, because you can’t move thralls very far (thrall not allowed to be placed here issues) if inside an encampment.

Playing Siptah is probably the most glitched I have seen the thralls to date. I thought the thralls issues had been addressed in an earlier patch. Perhaps that was for Conan Exiles map?

So not sure if others are having similar issues, but it’s a shame and also frustrating that the thrall mechanic is so broken at times. I would hope this could be fixed, if possible. It’s great when they work and incredibly frustrating when they don’t. Which in our game, seems quite frequent / daily.


It is not just you, or your server. It is a known issue. Hopefully there is a fix soon.

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If you double tap E, after getting the message “ordered thrall to stop”, your thrall will teleport near your location. It’s a workaround for when your thrall gets stuck, until there’s a proper fix.

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It is an absolute shame. I don’t know what is going on with priorities at Funcrom. It was a terrible decision to leave the AI incredibly broken for so long with the release of patch 2.2. It is absolutely mindblowing that not only did 2.3 not fix the issues introduced by 2.2, they made it worse. The best thing to do would be to go back to the garbage AI that existed pre-2.2, which, as bad as it was, was tremendously better than the deranged insanity we have now.

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I feel you. I play the same way with a friend, and our gameplay got much better when we moved from gportal to another host. Sure it didnt fix everything, code bugs are still here, but at least server lags were eliminated and a lot of funny/mind blowing effects that were caused by it were eliminated.With custom keybindngs for thrall commands (Like “get back to me”,“stop”,“attack target” etc) I would say i feel we can alwys pull back our thralls.

There is also supposedly one last option to save a thrall(I havent tested , just read about it) : you enter into followers tab , right click your thrall and there is an option there something like rescue or osmethign similar. It is supposed to get the thrall to you no matter waht, but he looses all the gear.

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I have my base near a dungeon. When I arrive at the base, before entering I always enter the dungeon so I make sure that my warrior teleports next to me and I don’t have to walk around looking for him.

I play pvp and today some naked killed a t4 warrior for being stuck. fix it now!

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