Conan exiles never to be fixed

Alright let’s be honest here,
this is a dying game and its because the core issues are being overlook game isn’t nearly finished with the 2nd release for DLC

Player-base is dead.
Thralls are still as broken as of day one.

And its all on the dev’s


3rd release of DLC… East -West - Pict
Release issues still not fixed, AI - Performance - missing items/thralls/bodies - …. It is indeed the devs, the few of them still working on this game who are delivering poor quality work, but someone is in charge and so he/she is to blame for destroying the game by setting the wrong priorities, by not assigning the resources needed, by releasing the game in the state it was, by spewing out DLC on a broken game.


Hi there slender47,

what exactly do you mean by “thralls are still broken as of day one”?
Can you give me specific examples of what exact issue(s) you are referring to?
We’ve adjusted and fixed several problems with thralls since release but it helps to know what exactly you struggle with.

Performance has seen a lot of patches and we are about to release another one that focuses on performance specifically.

When you list AI what exactly are you referring to? Just general improvements on the AI? pathfinding? animations?
Missing items, thralls bodies this are all totally different issues and we just added the more detailed questlog to hopefully pinpoint what lead to missing items in the first place (which is not always bug related).

In the latest patch we also fixed an additional issues with tombstones not showing up correctly.
Statements like: “issues with thralls” or “issues with bodies” are hard for us to address if you are not more specific about the actual bug you are referring to.


Hi Tasha, ty for your reply. Performance on official servers is very poor, always has been. Cheap undersized hardware cannot be fixed with software. All the patches that had a performance fix either made it worse or was simply masking the real issue(e.g. making the world static).

Concerning AI, AI in general. It is poor in every aspect. It has virtually no pathfinding(they simply teleport) and there are no animations when not in combat. Everyone who plays the game is aware of the poor almost non existing AI. Tip for the next stream: Take a thrall/pet and go on an adventure, e.g. the volcano.

Missing stuff: Yes it would be nice to have more detailed logging, but the reality is that the new event log is not working correctly either(strange alien messages and proximity based)

Tombstones not showing in the correct location is not linked in any way to the disappearing corpses. I think everyone knows what the disappearing corpses problem is.

Everyone also knows about thralls disappearing when on the rope. And those will not be in the event log either.

Thralls/pets teleporting to their death is also known by everyone who has ever used a thrall/pet on follow.

A bug list with a status would render this discussion obsolete, I know you are working on it and I’m very much looking forward to it.


Hi Tascha,

Can you give us an idea of when this patch will roll out?

As it stands now, when I log on my base won’t render, if it eventually does, I can’t interact with anything including doors.
I am a prisoner in my own home.

If the patch won’t release in the next few days, is there any possibility of turning off decay timers as all my other structures will perish inside 3 days.

Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

Just quickly regarding the event Log:
The event log is missing its dedicated UI currently. The proximity was hardcoded and was too close by mistake. The recent hotfix adjusted that to have the hardcoded proximity changed to cover the whole map.
Once the UI is in you will be able to choose proximity via a slider and also what events you would like to display. We’ll also make sure to create a proper guide on how to use it and how to make sense of all the info.

I’ll check on the eta on that update and wow that is indeed horrible to hear :confused:
Is that in single player? PC? How big is your base?

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Hi Tascha, thank you for your response, during 1st year of development along with Early Access you guys explained the thrall system and what will be implemented , back when you guys planned on adding functionality for thralls opening door etc,

For me i don’t see the point of thralls they have almost no functionality considering its one of the games core features


Well, not to be picky, but there was a purge mechanics guide mentioned to be published like a month ago in a purge thread but nothing yet.

I personally don’t consider thralls a core feature. They have nothing to add since the beginning they only add headaches to players.


Bless you, @Tascha, for remaining so diligent and positive!! :slight_smile:


It’s on our to-do to look at AI as a whole and we are also taking the suggestion from the communities side about settings for thralls into consideration. Ie. defensive, aggressive etc.

We’ve had to finalize it with the changes we did recently. It’s pretty much ready to go and should be available in the “Player helping Players” section as a sticky sometime this week :slight_smile:

As it stands now, we are focusing on Xbox Crashes specifically for this week. We do want to deploy our performance changes to TestLive asap after this though.


Good to hear, makes sense to wait for the purge system changes and fixes before the guide.

I could, mostly thralls still fall through the ground or go missing. Till a few days ago you could use them to carry infinite ammounts of items and also have your inventory infinite while still being able to dupe. MOST bugs from launch are still here but under other forms there is always going to be a dupe as long as server performence is shiet. And I know you will try to shut me up like you usually do but you know is true. I HOWEVER don’t blame the developers for this since a game is extremely hard to develop and dead lines have to be meet to get the money in the industry which is understanding but I blame the producers and advertisement team for lying and promising a lot of things which to the conan world extends wouldn t be able to happen without a massive impact on the gameplay which is already pretty much broken as a persone has to be online nearly 24/7 if they want to be somewhat “winning” even tho there are a lot of cheaters which they have no chance around.


Refering obvs to the chinese who nolife the server and abuse the no limits to build massive grided foundations with vaults to claim every bit of the map which is broken as you would never be able to defeat such people who usually are teams of 20-30 on an official alone. Now think about this a chinese team with cheats ofc who have unlimited buidling and time and personnel against a team of 3 people with let s say 500 bombs farmed around a week of work not considering when they started etc. THEY WILL ONLY BE ABLE to scratch a little of the chinese surfaces since yes you can still go under the map with methods i won’t mention. Then only to find themselves showered up every day with chinese up to their base trying to destroy them every day from 5-12 or whatever the raid times are. So you could never farm enough bombs to clear them out.

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This is what one of the developers sent me before they made their choice of re working the vaults.

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Thanks for the response Tascha.
Its a fairly large base right next to the sinkhole obelisk on official pve 1950. High end PC all drivers up to date. No internet issues.

Oddly enough it appears to be clan based problem as everyone we have asked on the server has no problem with it rendering but me and my wife have to wait 30 minutes minimum.

This makes me wonder if its due to the event log that pretty much tells us of every event on the server, not just our clan.

Also, as of today our event log refuses to show anything.

Is a genuine photo of the status for the official servers atm and the reason vaults hp has dramatically gone down.

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Well in my opinion the perofrmance issues are in first place the weak servers (hardware). But also the sometimes massiv structures that are built by players. Wqhen you get in renderrange of a massiv base the server really starts to struggle.

And look how many official Servers you have. You can delete the half of it and put the saved money in more potent hardware servers, cause on nearly no server you will find players.

The thing with the AI is even more worse on servers with massiv structures, you can go to new Midgard and kill everything without even getting one hit cause the servers are struggling with the massiv player staructures.

And Thralls for defenses are a joke most of them just stand there and watch your enemies when they are attacking your base.

I mean Conan is a very nice game, I like the setup etc, but I am also totally disappointed with the progress the game makes and I dont mean content, I mean promised features that are not very good implemented.


A lot of issues with performance are coming from the amount of assets that are in the game on a specific server (player placed items) which we don’t have any restriction on like other games do. So after this week, we are planning to deploy a TestLive patch with specific performance improvements.


Hi Tasha, ty again for your reply, I admire your energy. Community responses has been greatly improved.
I agree that alot of performance issues are related to huge amounts of assets, but it is up to Funcom to stress test the hardware they have chosen for the official servers to run on. If you did not put in place any restrictions you should also be running on the hardware capable of it without going on it’s knees. Looking forward to any(real) performance improvements, up to now all past performance improvements have made things worse, either in performance or in gameplay. As long as the devs do not rollback the most stupid performance tweak of 2018(making the world static is not improving the performance) and start making some real improvements it will all be in vain.