This game does need serious bug fixing

Well here we are in 2020… I still have lot of fun but friends starts to refuse to play and I’m on the edge…

  1. Thralls / AI bugs
  • infinite inventory still there
  • corpses disapearing after kill
  • unconscious thralls falling thru ground
  • ludicrious rubberbanding / ai teleporting
  • Ai ignoring criple effect
  • Ai don’t fight (just stand there like stature) even tho they are attacked
  1. Loading bugs
  • if bed is close ish to wall you will appear in the wall
  • base doesn’t render correctly - takes like 10 minutes for it to load (even small one)
  • corpse visual glitches (like one of its pars being stretched to sky)
  1. Building bugs
  • foundations sometimes can’t be placed next to each other
  • not enough contact with ground even on flat terain
  • walls switching orientation after being placed
  • when placing thrall its starts invisible

And this lis could go on… This game needs new map, needs new content yes… but please Devs just fix those issues first…


keep dreaming. funcom is thenerw bethesda of survival games

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funcom is this. rather prepared for the next patch, it could be the definitive one that will totally annihilate that bit of gameplay left

Check testlive patch notes.

Sounds like this one is mostly you. Definitely doesn’t take 10 minutes for the average player, more like 10-30 seconds.

Never seen either of these or ever seen a report on them. A thorough bug report would be good.


ai is broken half the time, best solutionowuld be to equip thralls with the same types of weapon as when acquired, G.E.:stone sword and shield…then equip ones of higher quality.
i have snowhunter and erii and if i give them something other than a SoC or BDP, like a trunch. they stand still and do nthing.

this is on him funcom cant doa thing vs computer set ups but some server still have issues

wall fences and foundation switching sides is not rare its just so common that people just take a few more seconds to ensure that the items are in the right sid. so no one ever reports it. had that one quite a few time. just waiting 2-3 second prior to clicking can save some time

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It definietly takes minute or two… And after its been loaded - i mostly can’t move… loading items in chests takes other hot minute… 10 minutes was maybe too extreme… but you get the point (I have quite good pc and internet connection) and even on low settings this happens - also friends experiencing the same (multiple servers tried)

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I have the same problem with building pieces that say “failed to place building”, usually with ceilings or foundation pieces. I can usually get it there by placing something near my wanted spot and connect the piece from there. Then it works. Of course it may ruin the esthetics, depending.

Corpses disappearing underground (it only does this with humans, at least for me). Technically they’re still there and you can often still get the loot from them if you remember where the enemy died. I think most people know that, but in case some do not.

Not really fixes no, and it can be annoying but they’re the workarounds that I found.

For the fences and fence foundation pieces switching sides, yes I have had that happen since I started playing last year. It’s so minor that I never thought to report it, at first I thought I was the one who accidentally flipped sides.

The “failed to place building” I often solve bu building it somewhere else and then it sometimes let me build where I wanted in first place. It’s anoying, time consuming and cost extra resources. But it is bug not the less.

It happend with unconcious Ai … but that is solved thru relog most of the times - but once corpse is gone it’s gone and won’t appear even after relog. - for me when it’s gone I can’t loot it even tho I know exactly where it is.

Unfortunate. :confused: It does happen to me too that sometimes I can’t loot the corpse even when I know where it is. I guess it means it sank too deep underground. But most times I can get the loot, about nine times out of ten.

Yes they are bugs, I’m certainly not saying otherwise. :slight_smile:

it is part of the normality to which we have been accustomed by funcom, nothing to worry about. funcom: for the players

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