Thrall system is still broken AI and sandstorms still happen inside buildings issues sense early access both issues never been fixed nore addressed

still an issue with AI not doing anything half the time for example during combat they pull out there weapon but wont attack or do squat sometimes they work sometimes they do not.

screen shoot provided my guy in gold is just standing around running after people not swinging as i get murdered he wont use his billy club to knock them out. it be nice if they add some stupid controls commands over AI to tell them to attack and what weapon to use so we could have them switch from like sword to a club constantly having to switch out weapon in there inventory during combat seems to break the AI also.

3: sandstorms in side buildings that are fully enclosed. still issue. it is weird you take refuge inside building you made fully enclosed and there you get full shelter then you move couple blocks over and no longer get shelter even thought you have shelter inside build at some locations but not othere location which make no sense sometimes you can move just inch and it changes. there are no windows in shelter we testing fully closed building no openings. it is made out of stone and stone brick and down stairs and upstairs no windows it also has mutilwall so outter walls and inner walls with hallways connecting diff rooms none of them have windows and all doorways from room to room have doors.

there is inner room thats workshop double height and bigger then rest of the rooms and there is a hall way goess around whole thing the room is surrounded by three walls and stone ceiling the whole thing is enclosed this is room that gets sand storms in random locations which make no sense considering how enclosed it is.

I had to give this game negative review based on two of these issue being around sense early alpha never got fixed the two issues is the broken combat AI and the Sandstorm issue in doors.

here are the screen shoots going around whole out side of the building along with inside where problem hits I just converted rest of the building from sandstone to stone brick for most part.

this screen shoot is shows inside where workshop is and this is where problem happens.
when you standing near the armour bench you get blasted by sandstorms no where elese

this is out side of the building where the front door is which is apormently where i was standing inside of the building in above screen shoot.

this is the side of the building that the armour bench is sitting near.

this is picture of the back of the building where there is the players bedrooms which you can see in frist picture the entrances to via the doorways.

here is the oppsit side of the building where it room here that is 2 levels that is just on other side of the workshop wall. the sandstorms seem to blast through this wall and the next wall then just seem to only hurt people who stand at the armourer worktable in screen shoot one

here is the picture of me standing on the armour bench workshop showing the wall that the sandstorm comes through there is a sealed door at the top of the steps in this shoot.

as any one can see there are no windows or gaps for storms to get into.
I know i have reported this alot of times in past even during the alpha and so have my freinds I even had three freinds return game because they felt game was to buggy and broken after release.

here is screen shoot of me standing in same spot as above and sandstorm is happening killing me inside the building as showen above no windows no openings.

I have discovered if you have many windows doorways and such effect how much protection you have have also discovered even though I have walls surrounding a entire structure(game made structure) in certain parts the game doesn’t recognize said structures as blocking storm even though it is enclosed completely.

Concerning item 3, I’m not sure about your layout because I was unable to open any of your links.

I wanted to see how large the room was where you had significant issues because I experience this in a really large room. Unfortunately, I do not consider it a bug, but a result of how the engine calculates your vulnerability, which is quite acceptable to me.

When I first came across this I did do a moderate amount of testing and concluded each base needed a ‘safe room’. Building a room 1x1x1 with a door solved the problem and did not disrupt the architecture. I leave my character there when I go AFK, since I am a single-player on a local PC.

Regarding your first item, I agree with most of what you describe. Personally, I prefer to change out a thrall’s weapon because I am specifically attempting one of two things, kill or incapacitate. I fully agree with your first statement and seem to be experiencing it more with the Sepemeru changes and have come to realize when to stand and fight and when to run, and It detracts from my experience with the game.

In conclusion, I am sorry these items have tainted your enjoyment, but personally do not feel they detract significantly from my enjoyment. There is so much more to the game than your post focuses on. If you choose to play, enjoy it :slight_smile:

Hey there,

Could you please create a different thread for each different issue you’re reporting? This way our team can have an easier time tracking each of them. It would also help to see if other people have reported the same or similar issue recently.

Thanks :slight_smile:

no moods offical server

also where having issues with this

you will also get random bugs with building for example this screen shoot where it shows that my building pice is being blocked even thought it should go there prefectly there is nothing under or around it.

building block wont allow us to place a trinagle pice or a roof pice where it should fit. there is nothing blocking it it just wont work.

ehh im done with it honestly im over game these things I and my freinds have reported sense early alpha…
soo im done with this game its just annoying at this point most of my friends have already quit playing no reason for me to keep playing.

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