Bugs in Conan Exiles [PC only]: These need to be addressed

Game mode: [Online:yes | Singleplayer: Unknown]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [North America]
Server: [Official 1930]
Mode: PvE
Running Mods: None

More bugs I have come across, most are minor however should still be addressed. The original post before additions was written as of July 11th, 11PM Oslo Time.

  1. Large Chests sometimes rapidly flickering when viewed at different angles.

  2. The final upgrade to the Set Shrine is almost one full block forward, leaving a gap in the back where there was previously none.
    This also makes structures that encapsulate the shrine have a problem when upgraded to the final version since the shrine is in a different spot.
    Proposed solution: Offset the upgrade to be in the same spot/footprint as previous versions of the shrine.
    Edit: Ymir final upgrade does this as well. The other shrines do not seem to do this, only Set and Ymir.

  3. When using a Map Room, sometimes the beams of light showing the different locations do not show up; there is simply an interact option for the entire map room, making the user unsure where they will be going if they are not familiar with the layout of each pillar. This seems to temporarily fix the issue when the player logs out and back in.

  4. Temperature issues. I will use an example to show my problem.
    I was in The Passage (an area in the very northwest of the jungle that connects to the snowy area)… when I started to get cold… (I was wearing Epic Flawless Medium Armor)… which transitioned to Extremely Cold… however when I removed my armor completely it transitioned to normal temperature… but when I put my armor back on I was Extremely Cold again…
    Wouldn’t wearing armor (regardless of heat/cold resistance) make temperature extremes… less extreme? You’d think that being naked would make you colder than if you were wearing armor…
    From my observation all armor does is:
    Heat armor (that you would wear in the desert) just makes you colder.
    Cold armor (that you would wear in the tundra/snow area) just makes you warmer.
    Taking armor off eliminates these extremes in variance.
    Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go into a cold area wearing heat armor (not snow area).
  2. Get very cold or extremely cold.
  3. Take off armor.
  4. You’re warm again.
    There’s no way this is intended… it makes no sense. #gamelogic
  1. Archer II (2) aim issues. I noticed that archer tier 2 thralls when attacking a target would shoot above the target, missing every time. I am unsure if this is simply a graphics display issue or if the archers are actually missing, but this seemed to be at least 90% of the time… The target was large and not moving, however the archers still did not seem to shoot at it properly almost every shot.
    Archer Tier 3 does not seem to be affected by this problem. Archer Tier 1 and Tier 4 (named) have not been tested.

  2. Crafting stations / thrall wheels pausing progress upon server crash.
    Edit: This seems to also happen when the server restarts.
    Addition: In some cases, thrall progress is reset as if you just placed the thrall on the wheel, when in fact the thrall has been on there for quite some time.

  3. Unconscious thralls attached to bindings sometimes fall through the ground while travelling. When the bindings break, the thrall is lost.

  4. Audio in some enclosed spaces (the huts in the Forgotten Tribe area) sound very hollow, almost fully muffled… even for a short time exiting the hut. (Edit: Some places in the open also seem to have this issue… unusual bug.) After some time, this seems to be fairly common in some areas.

  5. Enemy hostility issues. Enemies that are supposed to be hostile, most of the time, will be neutral. This is starting to make the game rather dull if nothing attacks you like they’re supposed to. Sometimes the enemies will attack as normal.

  6. Inability to damage enemies for a few minutes after server restart. (Edit: Mining nodes seems to also be affected by this as well.)

  7. Inability to damage enemies under tents unless they are somehow moved out from the tent, or the tent is destroyed. (Also possible that the player simply needs to be out of the tent area, but the issue is the same otherwise.)

12) Ghamm the worn T4 Armorer (named) is missing hair on the top of his head, however… he has hair going down his back… lol… it’s a noticeable graphics bug.

13) Archers tend to put away their bows, ignoring any approaching enemies. Dragging the bow from their inventory to their main hand will make them start attacking said enemies. Tested with 4 Archer III (3)s.
14) Archer arrows will sometimes hover in mid air near the archer after being fired.
15) Archers will sometimes stay in an unarmed combat stance after combat.
16) Archers will sometimes shoot at a target that has been long since removed from combat.

17) Star Metal shells sometimes will not crack with Explosive Jars, Demon-Fire Orbs, Grease Orbs, Gaseous Orbs, or any combination of any of them.
Edit: Star Metal most of the time spawns without a shell, causing them to decay and disappear within a short period of time.
18) Weather affecting enclosed buildings. (wet floors if it is raining outside when the building is fully closed in, or snowflakes falling in through the roof)
19) Purges not working at all for some clans/players. Seems to concentrate on offline players, although unconfirmed.

20) Disappearing bodies. Sometimes dead bodies will be invisible, although hovering over where they should be brings up the Loot window. Sometimes looking away and looking back refreshes this and the body reappears.
21) Journey objectives not completing. The journey for discovering all the obelisks does not complete. This seems to be a common issue for other players; also with the Lorestones journey.
22) Self-destructing tents when approaching The Galleon. This seems to only be a display bug.
23) Double spawns. This seems to be very common for two NPCs/animals to spawn on the exact same spot. Some people have reported spawns of 3x and up to 5x as well.
24) Loot All hotkey sometimes defaults to Drop when looting bodies. Fairly easy to reproduce.

25) Armor temperature resistance values fluctuate randomly… one day a set of armor will have 3/5 cold resist, then the next day it will have 2/5… the exact same armor set.
Edit: Confirmed to be a bug, sometimes I can be wearing a full set of cold armor except one piece of heat armor and i’ll have 4/5 heat resist… lol.
Edit: This is somewhat related to issue #4.

26) 2nd version of Yog shrine (1st upgrade) does not have any burning fire in the pit unlike the other versions.
27) Sometimes when an NPC (not yet a “tamed thrall”) is put in the Wheel of Pain and the play button is pushed, it will consume all the gruel and give the amount of progress from it instantly, instead of burning over time.
28) Foundation blocks (as well as some other blocks) will not connect to other foundation (or other) in a specific direction, but if a block is placed above it then going around leading back to the initial place, it will work… after which the extra blocks can be removed. Sometimes temperamental blocks will place after moving it around enough… Hard to give a proper description of the issue, sorry.

29) Swimming still uses stamina. (To my recollection I believe this was supposedly patched previously, although the issue remains.)
30) Difficulty stacking Large Chests: Sometimes stacking a large chest on top of another will say “Not aligned enough with ground”… or when that error is not present it will still not let you place it… this is quite aggravating.
31) Wells breaking. This seems to be a new bug as I have not has the issue until just recently… Large wells and Statues of Refreshment do not fill or refill. Even newly placed ones have this issue. The bug seems to randomly happen even to wells that previously worked fine. Unconfirmed with small wells.
32) Thralls have the possibility of having low HP when within proximity to them. This can also happen with other players/clans thralls. Logging in when nearby to them can also trigger this.
33) Some NPCs do not spawn. Siesse Blacktongue, Njoror Battleborn.
34) Some Exceptional/Flawless recipes are missing from named thralls.

35) While stamina is regenerating, attempting to run will cause it to continue decrease in the regeneration state. Stopping movement for a moment seems to fix this. (This seems to happen in rare cases but often enough to be irritating.)

Note: All of these bugs listed are present on Official Servers. No singleplayer testing has been done.

More to come! Let me know what bugs you experience so I might even be able to test them myself and we can consolidate them into a list! Might be easier for the devs :stuck_out_tongue:


7 is a visual bug only. Relog when the line breaks to see it again. Same if you swim or climb. It requires relog to see again.

No it doesn’t require a re-log it requires Funcom to fix it :stuck_out_tongue:


More bugs encountered and added to the list.

More bugs discovered and added to the list.

It’s actually the other way around - you can’t damage enemies while you are under a tent. Stand outside the tent and shoot enemies with a bow to lure them out or kill them.

Added more to the list. Also bumping to get this seen.

Regardless of this, this is a mistake, I must add it, this has been the official appearance since!

More added, also bumping so this can be seen.

The enemies not attacking is really draining the fun out of the game for me.

Example being the enemies at Fleshtearer Falls they say things like “come into the light shadow” which makes me think it may be a detection issue possibly server side.

Enemies will attack you but only if you attack them first.

And OP your cold weather Armor issue is actually the way real clothing works in cold environments if you where an armor that contacts your skin with non insulated material then the chance of frost bite is increased air is an insulater which is why gloves are lined with fur it traps a layer of air against the skin and the fur absorbs the heat less then leather or metal.

Single player, private server.

  1. I confirm the often observed passivity of NPS (both hostile / neutral and my tralls on my bases) in relation to opponents.
  2. Archers very often try to use a melee weapon, instead of shooting, even if they can not reach the enemy hand-to-hand.
  3. The “direct” canopy from the set “fortified stone” (3rd level) is not functional (it does not fit in with other objects).
  4. After the “Mother of Patch” part of the tralls-entertainers ceased to function (do not move, do not give buffs, inventory is not available, they can not be moved).
  5. Very often the animation of clothes, hair, banners, etc. does not work.
  6. All my slaves in all settlements at each entrance to the game lose their HP to some minimum value (writhing in pain, holding their bellies). Their HP is restored only when I am in close proximity to them. The problem is repeated all the time, with each of my exit-the entrance to the game.

Purge - So far this is not happening at all.
Thralls - Dont seem to attack or if they do, they do NOT do any damage to other mobs EXCEPT other players only. So much for these being able to help combat any purge’s (if that ever gets fixed).
Wildlife and thralls tend to not attack alot of the time, not unless you hit them first and if there in a group you just need to hit 1 at a time (the others will just stand there or back off from you). Easy leveling but dull n boring.

spacebar - loots all but also drops 1st inventory item

B key no longer brings up player info. You have to press escape and choose player info to get this but this has a pop-up box in the middle of the screen thats empty.

Food/Water intake is rather fast since patch, having to consume a hell of alot more than before (not sure if this already mentioned or comes under temperatures).

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Just had a bug where I was co-op to my husband’s game, and he moved too far out of range while I was in my inventory (over encumbered, trying to select what to discard).
It automatically shut my inventory window and forced me to start walking closer to where he was (which is normal)
However, the force close of the inventory window caused me to be unable to open it again. I was also unable to access map or even the game menu. other key options worked (quickbars, dodge, jump, interact, etc)
He had to come back over to me and give my character a smack before it resolved itself. ( I happened to have run afk at that time so didn’t see what exactly was done to resolve the issue, but he said he tried to bludgeon/knock out my character and drag her with the rope - which of course didn’t work lol)

Also numerous crashing errors that may or may not be related.

Crashing during loadscreen (after choosing server or singleplayer)
Crashing when an exile dies
Crashing when approaching an exile camp
Crashing when an exile is aggroed
Crashing when crossing zone boundaries
Crashing when approaching crafting stations and/or building sites

Crashing issues within the game seem to center around the desert regions. I have not had the same issues with Nordheimers or Cimmerians, etc, north of the wall. Only when approaching the building site there.

All of the above are fatal errors, causing the game to close.

From what I understand this is an issue between Unreal 4 Engine and DirectX, and is known, but as yet has not been resolved.

double spawns happening alot more now (sometimes trebble spawns) not always the same character look but same type (smelter/blacksmith/fighter etc).
I know it was reported several days ago, but it seems to be getting much more common and frequent now and today was the 1st time i experianced triple spawns :frowning:

Those wooden pillar posts that are in and around the wolf camp (desert dogs of war) are all bugged. if you happen to start climbing one and drop off you are most likely to get stuck. Very annoying as the only way out is to remove ones bracelet

Hi everyone new to these forums just picked up exiles on humble monthly.

Ok so far i’ve only played single player and have encountered these problems -

Last post i found googling this was a couple of months ago but knocked out npc’s bound with fiber or hide the npc disappears if the binding breaks.

Blunted javalin and arrows do health rather than concussive damage or at least with standard attack they do.

I have just aquired my first T3 blacksmith, have a whole list of exceptional and a few flawless recipes added but even when i have the required feat and resources i cannot build any of them, scratch that, it’s a bug with using a controller, mouse click to craft fine, normal weapons the controller button is over each action and i can press (A) to craft but cannot do the same for thrall recipes.

Same type of isue with thrall removal from station, the mouse is needed. so no relaxing playing on tv in living room.

Hi there and thanks so much for the work on this.
We are aware of most of these and as mentioned, it’s important to us to know which type of server you are playing on or if you play single player if an issue is reported. It helps narrow down the issue :slight_smile:
The shell detail is something I am not sure we are aware off so I am happy to take that back to the team.

Please add: “Swimming still uses stamina” to your list.

Can add:

-Thralls can have low hp when you log on, or get back to your base, they do not attack enemies either and are extremely bugged… But is an issue thats mentioned alot of times but keep repeating it!:smiley:

-Some named T4 armorers are bugged:
Njoror battbeborn does not spawn
None armorer have recipe for flawless hyperborean slaver

  • Structures and player owned objects inside NO-BUILD zone: They need to be destroyed or removed because players who have vaults or chests inside can safely store their items. We cannot destroy it, not with jars, not with orbs, not with trebuchet. This is important fix!

==> This on official server PC

Info added, more bugs added, and a couple revised.

@Tascha thank you for acknowledging this and I look forward to these issues being resolved

I will continue to add or edit bugs I encounter to this list.