Bugs in Conan Exiles [PC only]: These need to be addressed


Game mode: [Online:yes | Singleplayer: Unknown]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [America Official Server]

More bugs I have come across, most are minor however should still be addressed. The original post before additions was written as of July 11th, 11PM Oslo Time.

  1. Large Chests sometimes rapidly flickering when viewed at different angles.

  2. The final upgrade to the Set Shrine is almost one full block forward, leaving a gap in the back where there was previously none.
    This also makes structures that encapsulate the shrine have a problem when upgraded to the final version since the shrine is in a different spot.
    Proposed solution: Offset the upgrade to be in the same spot/footprint as previous versions of the shrine.

  3. When using a Map Room, sometimes the beams of light showing the different locations do not show up; there is simply an interact option for the entire map room, making the user unsure where they will be going if they are not familiar with the layout of each pillar. This seems to temporarily fix the issue when the player logs out and back in.

  4. Temperature issues. I will use an example to show my problem.
    I was in The Passage (an area in the very northwest of the jungle that connects to the snowy area)… when I started to get cold… (I was wearing Epic Flawless Medium Armor)… which transitioned to Extremely Cold… however when I removed my armor completely it transitioned to normal temperature… but when I put my armor back on I was Extremely Cold again…
    Wouldn’t wearing armor (regardless of heat/cold resistance) make temperature extremes… less extreme? You’d think that being naked would make you colder than if you were wearing armor…
    From my observation all armor does is:
    Heat armor (that you would wear in the desert) just makes you colder.
    Cold armor (that you would wear in the tundra/snow area) just makes you warmer.
    Taking armor off eliminates these extremes in variance.
    Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go into a cold area wearing heat armor (not snow area).
  2. Get very cold or extremely cold.
  3. Take off armor.
  4. You’re warm again.
    There’s no way this is intended… it makes no sense. #gamelogic
  1. Archer II (2) aim issues. I noticed that archer tier 2 thralls when attacking a target would shoot above the target, missing every time. I am unsure if this is simply a graphics display issue or if the archers are actually missing, but this seemed to be at least 90% of the time… The target was large and not moving, however the archers still did not seem to shoot at it properly almost every shot.
    Archer Tier 3 does not seem to be affected by this problem. Archer Tier 1 and Tier 4 (named) have not been tested.

  2. Crafting stations / thrall wheels pausing progress upon server crash. (Unsure if this happens upon restart)

  3. Unconscious thralls attached to bindings sometimes fall through the ground while travelling. When the bindings break, the thrall is lost.

  4. Audio in some enclosed spaces (the huts in the Forgotten Tribe area) sound very hollow, almost fully muffled… even for a short time exiting the hut. (Edit: Some places in the open also seem to have this issue… unusual bug.)

  5. Enemy hostility issues. Enemies that are supposed to be hostile, most of the time, will be neutral. This is starting to make the game rather dull if nothing attacks you like they’re supposed to. Sometimes the enemies will attack as normal.

  6. Inability to damage enemies for a few minutes after server restart. (Edit: Mining nodes seems to also be affected by this as well.)

  7. Inability to damage enemies under tents unless they are somehow moved out from the tent, or the tent is destroyed. (Also possible that the player simply needs to be out of the tent area, but the issue is the same otherwise.)

12) Ghamm the worn T4 Armorer (named) is missing hair on the top of his head, however… he has hair going down his back… lol… it’s a noticeable graphics bug.

13) Archers tend to put away their bows, ignoring any approaching enemies. Dragging the bow from their inventory to their main hand will make them start attacking said enemies. Tested with 4 Archer III (3)s.
14) Archer arrows will sometimes hover in mid air near the archer after being fired.
15) Archers will sometimes stay in an unarmed combat stance after combat.
16) Archers will sometimes shoot at a target that has been long since removed from combat.

17) Star Metal shells sometimes will not crack with Explosive Jars, Demon-Fire Orbs, Grease Orbs, Gaseous Orbs, or any combination of any of them.
Edit: Star Metal most of the time spawns without a shell, causing them to decay and disappear within a short period of time.
18) Weather affecting enclosed buildings. (wet floors if it is raining outside when the building is fully closed in, or snowflakes falling in through the roof)
19) Purges not working at all for some clans/players. Seems to concentrate on offline players, although unconfirmed.

20) Disappearing bodies. Sometimes dead bodies will be invisible, although hovering over where they should be brings up the Loot window. Sometimes looking away and looking back refreshes this and the body reappears.
21) Journey objectives not completing. The journey for discovering all the obelisks does not complete. This seems to be a common issue for other players; also with the Lorestones journey.
22) Self-destructing tents when approaching The Galleon. This seems to only be a display bug.
23) Double spawns. This seems to be very common for two NPCs/animals to spawn on the exact same spot. Some people have reported spawns of 3x and up to 5x as well.
24) Loot All hotkey sometimes defaults to Drop when looting bodies. Fairly easy to reproduce.

More to come! Let me know what bugs you experience so I might even be able to test them myself and we can consolidate them into a list! Might be easier for the devs :stuck_out_tongue:


7 is a visual bug only. Relog when the line breaks to see it again. Same if you swim or climb. It requires relog to see again.


No it doesn’t require a re-log it requires Funcom to fix it :stuck_out_tongue:


More bugs encountered and added to the list.


More bugs discovered and added to the list.


It’s actually the other way around - you can’t damage enemies while you are under a tent. Stand outside the tent and shoot enemies with a bow to lure them out or kill them.


Added more to the list. Also bumping to get this seen.