General bug reports

Many Bugs i’ve already reported 2-5 Times in Testlive Report Forum are still there after “Final” launch!

Game Version: #95365/17742
Game mode: Private Testlive
Problem: Bugs | Performance | Misc
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  1. Rhinos still fly away after they got killed.
    But a new “feature” is that the Rhinos sometimes despawn while flying VERY nice :wink:

  2. Rhino fight is still anying because you can stuck INTO the Rhino and sometimes you can not get out until it fly away…

  3. Rhinos still can Push you below the Ground while Stuck into them
    So you Fall until you Die and then respawn at the Desert!
    NO Spawn selection availabe!

  4. xx_Tusk_trophy, a very Usefull item :wink:

  5. the Religion Weapon Lusttaker can not be crafted because it’s in the Blacksmith but you need Manifestation of Zeal to craft it…

  6. You are Very Cold while stand near a Lava Stream…
    Maybe someone could test this im RL :wink:

  7. FPS Drops in certain Areas also still there!

  8. Warming Up and Cooling Down Buffs are canceled on getting Damage with the Message Stopped Bandaging ?!

  9. Reaper Poison dont affect any NPC (NOT tested on other players in PvP!)

  10. Beehives and Improves Beehives never fully fill up!
    Last Slot always just caontain 1/20 Honey then the Hive stops.

  11. Sandstorm Mask did not have any effect if you wear it AFTER Gas or Sanstorm Debuff is already active!

  12. !! MAJOR BUG !!
    Health regenerates automatically VERY FAST without Vitality Perk!
    I saw this Bug comes from Dancers -> Dancer Healing Is Super OP
    Video below:

  13. Flickering Chests
    Video below:

Many more Bugs i will report if i have the time for it!

It’s a Shame to call a Game “Final” at this Stage :face_vomiting:

it’s not called FINAL , it’s called OFFICIAL RELEASE… nowhere has anyone claimed there was no bugs and no more stuff or fixes coming… so where you got the word FINAL from is beyond me…
Other than that i do agree there is still alot to sort b4 we can call it a “fully complete working” game.

I agree, tha game sucks, played teslive for almost 400h and reported many bugs. They just dont care or dont know how to fix it. Now after release, I can’t play as the server is 40/40 all the time. Really bad launch, really bad!


Early Access also was an Official Release, anything else would be UN Officially :wink:

Official Launch = Final State
The Price also changed to a “Full Price Game” what also indicates the Final State of a Game.
Anything else you say is just petty and i do not care ^^

I would not say the Game “sucks”, it is funny but still needs many attention and support!
But all the known Bugs from the very long Testlive phase should be fixed until now but they are not :frowning_face:

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I think you left out a couple hundred bugs. I expected this to be a twelve page document.

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Yeah i left MANY and you are totaly right with a high number of pages it would take to write down any :smiley:
But i try to explain as good as my Time allow me to do so the dev’s MAY be able to fix it as soon as possible…

At the other side…
The Game is finally :sunglasses: Launched and i dont think they will work so hard like the last weeks all the time so it will take a while :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@lattis -> finally Launched -> you see that? :wink:

  • Apiaries stop gathering honey after some time

  • Fish traps go empty after some time

  • Purges take forever (or don’t happen) if you don’t have a full and constantly active clan

  • Occasionally your UI will say you are not encumbered (92-98%), while you are and the message will appear

  • Can’t climb out from between the wall and sand behind the sandstorm maniacs temple

This is a very fun game, but there are still some very prominent bugs.

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Have u ever played ark? guess not, that game is way more “final” than ark will ever be - which is the biggest competitor right now.

I know many other unfinished Games but this is a Funcom subforum for Conan Exiles.
All the Bugs i post here are for Conan Exiles not for any other game!

If you wanna buy Car do you ask the Car Vendor for some Food to drive with?!
I think not…
Means i really do NOT care about other games here…

  1. Fighter and Archer Thralls now ignore enemy players even when poked. (on PvP)

  2. Thralls disappear in the foundations of Buildings after placement. To reproduce just take your Thrall and put him to follow you… move a bit outside, take him back in. Set unfollow and try to position him somewhere and whooosh… Down, like a ghost he goes. Sometimes you find him dead if you dig after him, sometimes it disappears. Log says Invalid Thrall killed by… empty.

  3. Sometimes Thralls disappear when on the Leash on the way to your base (happend to me just once)

Personally i find these 2 pretty gamebreaking. The game relies on them A LOT

  1. Native Thralls are bugged as hell lately. They multiply on the same spot, they don t attack all the time, they ran past you when they want to attack you… Wasn t like this as i started playing at official launch.

  2. Another really annoying one.

Corpses disappearing (a lot of magic in this game… a whole lot of crap just… *poof and vanishes). Basicaly you die and come back and your corpse is nowhere to be found. Also… even if u know exactly his location there s nothing there to click. I say this as some people reported they just turn invisible. A weird thing happend when i died near a Clan member. He could see my body i couldn t. Luckly he could loot and give me my stuff back. But until then i was all alone and lost everything.

  1. If you have an armor in your inventory and you use the reduce weigh upgrade. Most of the time you ll get a native encumbace on you that doesn t go away even if naked. Easily fixed by dying.

  2. Sometimes when i log in or die my home doesn t fully render. Parts of the walls are missing and i can drop inside floors and s.hit. It fixes itself after a little while but sometimes a bit of the weird occurrences remain. Like i fly over parts of the house in a Karate Kid position when i try walking over them. The camera goes into walls when i turn corners… The game basically becomes rather unplayable. Fixable by restarting the game. Bad if it s a popular hour for gaming as you ll lose the place you had on the server.

I think the latter could be reproduced if you alt tab during the loading screen. This could also be something on my end at it started happening after some weird windows error. Sadly i can t remember what it said.

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I just meant that you did say “how can u say that this is a finished game”, but since u don’t care about the opinion of others, gl surviving

King Rhino will also bug through your walls and are still able to deal damage to you. Yesterday we had the whole rhino inside except his hind legs. Almost a week in and still no patches?

  1. Sickles consume Stamina on use, every other Tools do not

Oh i have some more, sad that i can say that i have experienced most of your descriped bugs.

  1. Can´t use the Ice Smith (on official Server #1000). Have tried everything others have the same problem.

  2. Disappearing Smith, Thralls, Container including storage (very, very, very, annoying. Hours of work lost)

  3. Jumping all the time in the house (it doesnt help to suicide or dance or whatever, you have to reconnect)

  4. Glitching through enemys and get stuked…

At the moment i cant thought of more but i will add more. Hopefully they will fix some of the issues.

so fun a few purge for since we build our new base in the north on the island by the lake
mobs seem to be unable to get to the island an very nice if you push one in the water by accident its getting even more fun and after hitting it for 15min the purge ends and then it will disapear

  1. Annoying “You are over encumbered” Message Spam the Screen ALL THE TIME

Some possible sugestions for #25 are:

  • remove the whole Message when Encumbrance is maxed out
  • or even better Reduce the Size of the Message by 50-80% AND move it at the very Top of the Screen
  1. Custom Map Markers can not be removed
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English is not my native language, BUT even i know what the word “FINAL” means and it means FINAL as in no more/it is over, thus it means no more stuff, no fixes, no patches will be coming out after !
So FINAL RELEASE is WRONG no matter what you think in your head :smile:

Also Earrly access means the game is in test and development stage and is not the official release version and no one from Funcom ever claimed this was a “Final release”, that is only your words and they are not even right by definition of the word Final…
You can keep argueing bout it but you are still wrong.

Hello. I have a problem with launching a game. When I tap “play” it shows en error: the game can’t be updated because of lost file.

J:\Games\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Binaries\Win64\ConanSandbox_BE.exe

I tried to reinstall the game but it didn’t help. Also I look that my folder Binaries is completely empty.

  1. “Rightclick” on Conan Exiles in your Steam Library
  2. Click on “Properties”
  3. Switch to the “Local Files” Tab
  4. Click the Button “Verify integrity of game files…”

This will check all the Game Files and download missing or corrupted files.

If I were to rank the hundreds of games I have played, this one would be top of the list easily for bug count on official release date. Top it off I would say there is content missing. There are places in game that seem to be missing something. There are npc’s in the admin spawn list not in game.

As for the rhino pushing you under the world. I have been pushed under the world many times, I never die but I respawn in the beginning desert area. Not only from Rhino’s either, but Giant Crocodile and even Rocknose’s. I suspect it is because the collision location for npc vs player forces the character within the npc’s body and then it attacks and pushes you downward.

Another annoying thing is sometimes attacks on small npc’s force you on top of them which stops your attack combo and makes it so you can’t perform further attacks. I was stuck on top of a scorpion for nearly 30 seconds. Luckily the hit point regen bug was in effect, so one bug out weighed the other haha.

Also, avatars knock npc’s below the world.

After stopping the video I had a thought to move far away and then back to where the corpse should have been as this works for getting corpses out of the ground as well as unconscious npc’s. However the boss npc was back there alive and only after 2 or 3 minutes. So I suspect he was knocked under the world and not killed. Unfortunately this wasted an avatar token so yet again, game play time wasted.

To be honest, this game isn’t worth playing as it stands on official servers. With as many bugs in the game such as the hit point regen bug, it gives massive advantages to players on official servers. I would almost say that it would probably be in the games best interest to fix these bugs and then do another pwipe on the official servers to allow everyone chance to be the best of there servers rather than those who get uber advantageous bugs applied to there characters huge advantages.

Addition: One other bug I had was I had a few hundred structure pieces on my character and was putting up walls / ceilings. For some reason my character started moving on its own then fell through the world and started in the desert. I wasn’t in an encumbrance build and so had to walk back to the highlands from the starting point at walking speed. I think falling through world respawn point should be your bed or bedroll.