Rhino BUGs need fixing

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Region: [1970]

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  1. Stand in front of a Rhino.

  2. Wait for it to get to you after a charge or even just walk up to u after a charge.

  3. Apparently we’re inside the stomach of the animal, cant attack, cant move, cant roll cant do anything apart from being hit by a Rhino over and over again (which is weird because the Rhino’s horn is well in front of the Stomach of the beast but somehow it still counts) to only loose your Body under the map from creatures that charge from a mile away and lock you in place once they get to you.

  4. Fix the Collision mechanics please

I have experienced this every time, except I was able to attack and kill the Rhino while inside the belly. After the last hit, Rhino bounces high and lands a few meters away.

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Also, it’d be nice to be able to lock-on too…

Just encountered the rhino myself, they’re buggy as hell. I actually found them scary to fight, not because they’re particularly challenging but because I’d keep getting stuck in them and a couple of times dying as a result. I worked out how to fight them relatively safely (from getting stuck) eventually, but ended up just ignoring them they were so annoying. Couldn’t lock-on to them either.

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