So I died inside a rhino

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While fighting a rhino it gored me and I wound up inside of it. Dodge, dodge, dodge. Out of stamina. Still inside.
Happened to me again as I tried to retrieve my body.

Major collision issue.

Game mode: Official Testlive
Problem: Bug
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This issue is a huge pain.

Sometimes the rhino will push you down through the world and you’ll be returned to the starting spawn point in the desert.

That hasn’t happend to me yet thankfully.
I’ve managed to kill a few but sooner or later one “eats” me.

Rhinos are my main source of meat in my playthrough so I end up inside of them all the time


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I was going to eat rhinos too, but it’s too glitchy.
Elk kings, elephants and mammoths are way better. Very easy to kill without being hit.

If I need rhino hides, I make them follow me to a large rock and I stab them through it so I don’t get caught inside of them. I also hunt their babies for being glitchy bastards.

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fighting rhinos (to me) is fairly easy. i don’t like how their charge can sometimes “track” you as you roll… but other than that it’s easy

Easy yea, but very annoying. I fight them, I get trapped inside, I just stand there stabbing until they die. Easy. But the glitchyness is irritating.

The camera/cllipping issues with rhinos has gotten me killed more times than I’d like to count. Would love to see this addressed.

I’ll try the rock trick out.

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Thanks dude. Will definately give that a go.

No problem.

I don’t like cheesing things, but I also don’t like getting pushed through the bottom of the world or trapped inside animals.

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Hey gotta do what you can to survive.

That was back in May and still happens to me now. I just cheese them as well. They still fly away like balloons when they die too.

Has been flagged ‘fixed’ in at least 2 patch notes. They do not know how to fix it obviously.