Trapped Inside Lizard Rhino

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: [ US ]
Mods?: No

Bug Desription:

Annnd I’m dead. Thanks for that…

One skull boss Lizno, Rhintile, whatever they’re called. Attack his hind quarters and all it has to do is turn to attack me. Then I’m trapped until death or it decides to turn away and attack my thrall. Can also happen with the black rhino boss at the oasis.

Expected Behavior:

Smaller rhinos, just knock the character aside rather than ending up trapped under the rhino head.

Steps to Reproduce:

My PC is a small frame, one tick below medium.

Go to the jungle
Across the river from the Pagoda you should find a one skull boss rhino-thing.
Attack it with a one handed weapon. I was using the Predatory Blade.


A very frustrating and ongoing issue. Can also happen to an extent with elephants (at least the part where they spin like on a turntable and abruptly you are inside them)… or dragons.

A workaround is to carry a katana, even if it isn’t your primary weapon. The heavy dash attack can extricate you from the underside of the rhino or reptilian monstrosity.


Hey @RasterOps

Thank you for the report, we’ve sent it to our team so we can look into ways to mitigate this issue in a future update.

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Just to add to this. I’ve had this same issue of being trapped inside rhino (or re-skinned rhino-type creatures) heads constantly while playing these last few months. The problem is far worse on the larger rhinos, like the bosses and mini-bosses, but it also happens regularly with the smaller ones - especially the Tuskbeasts on Siptah. It is incredibly frustrating.

I’ve seen this issue reported many times over the last few years. There is something seriously wrong with the collision boxes on the various rhino models.


Yep, just got stuck in a normal sized rhino. It’s always the same place under the head in the gap where the head meets the neck.


to get free of his grip turn character away from him and perform a jump… gets me unstuck from all rhino reskins (as some buffalos in siptah, reptilian rhinos or normal or bosses rhinos)…

not a solution , but at least u will have a chanche to get away

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Or giant crocs.

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Please fix this already. Too long has it been ignored now.

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Yeah, getting stuck in rhinos, elephants and king crocs is getting pretty old these days.

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Thankfully they have a visible, relaitvely long prep time before their attacks so it is avoidable, but that doesn’t mean the problem is not there anymore.
I died a couple of times because I wasn’t paying attention to that and got stuck inside.


I’ve also noticed when a beast charges, it will continue into your space before stopping. This effectively places the player character inside their hitbox; if you don’t also anticipate the charge. The small dragons are especially good at doing this.

Just tried taking on the Black Rhino at the Mitra (?) oasis… I stupidly did not put down a bedroll. Got trapped, could not jump or dodge to get out. Died.

I know how to avoid getting trapped but sometimes I still get stuck. Guess I didn’t “git gud” enough. :slight_smile:


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