Getting stuck under rhino

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [N/A]

Getting stuck under rhinos… no fun , can this be patched? Perhaps moving the pet a little further from the player could fix it. Seems that my rhino stands to close to me and will cause me tp get stuck between their neck. It does not happen only with pets but also the king rhino which caused me to die, i usually jump and itll get me out but it does not always work.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have rhino follow and engage in battle / battle king rhino, get to close and youll get stuck.

This happens on PC as well. When I try fighting the Rhino King and get too close, I’ll get stuck inside the front half of their mesh, desperately trying to dagger backflip or roll out before it initiates a charge for an unavoidable insta-kill.

Equally annoying is the fact that my follower will often get stuck under the map when fighting it, much like they do when we battle the Red Mother.


This had been going on for over a year at least, fighting the Rhino Boss is ridiculous without a thrall and even they get pushed into the ground at times.


Unfortunately I am having this issue on my Singleplayer game too. I am also getting stuck inside the Reptilian Monstrosities in the Jungle biome. As you said, sometimes it is possible to roll or jump out, but it is very unreliable, having only around a 20% success rate at best for me. But I keep taking damage while trapped, and it keeps reoccuring during the battle. It is very frustrating trying to do battle with these beasts at the moment. I suspect that this is actually an older bug re-emerging, where we become stuck inside the creature’s mesh.


I confirm the existence of this issue. The worst for me is the reptilian monstrosity little boss. I ’ ve died several times for this reason and it’s annoying.


once stuck in a mob you just jump and ii usually will always get out especially the boss rhino

Been happening since launch, like most of conans bugs lol :joy:

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Has anyone gave the idea that maybe he’s mad at you for not rubbing his belly since your under there how rude lol

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Hi @Bluefire6171, we’re already aware of this issue and it has been previously registered, thank you for bringing it up in any case.


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