Get stuck during fight in rhino boss

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[Same/similar issue as reported here Still stuck in rhino mesh
Obviously still not complete fixed, I experience this with Boss rhinos, with normal rhinos i did not experience this, but maybe they die to fast]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.fight (boss) rhino
2.get stuck in (boss) rhino
4.find body

Hello @ZevLexx, thank you for your submission!

Our team is currently aware of this issue and it’s being investigated, in the meantime it should be possible to roll backwards or sideways in order to get unstuck, if timed correctly.

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Hello Hugo,

welcome from me & thank you for your reply.
It is correct, to duck and crawling sidewards helps a bit. But with the next attack you stuck again in the rhino. I did this 2 days ago with the rhino near the darketo temple. I was in god mode in singleplayer. As soon as the rhino attacked, I was caught into it. I could not get out, after several tries I could crouch away from it, but as soon as the fight continued I was again stucked in. I could make attacks and all, but as soon as you escape from the rhino, it attacks again and you are stucked. I did this with no helping thrall. I think, when you have a thrall with you, the rhino concentrates its aggro to the thrall, so you have not such massive problems. best to test this is really to attack the boss rhino without a helping thrall in god mode.

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