Meleeing Rhinos major issue

when fighting rhinos with a sword i frequently get pushed into the ground, and if i dont jump out right away i get further pushed right through the ground/map and fall to oblivion.

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Fighting rhinos sucks honestly. Now with the lose of poise all their attacks make you flop about. Especially that little circle run they do it seems to be a heavy attack that is rapid which is annoying.

everytime i fight a rhino melee it keep puting me in first person view and have to back away from the rhino and he charges me while this happen cause i can’t see sh#t this is very annoying to me

I clip into the rhino and end up looking at its ■■■■■■■■ from the inside.

Not a fun place to be.

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Yeah rhino animations should be improved a lot imo, since you can get stuck litteraly in the rhino’s head or even body seeing nothing but a part of the rhino and then evading becomes impossible because you’ll still end up inside the rhino no matter what. The only possible workaround i’ve found so far is to make a back roll evade move, so you’ can escape the grip of the rhino for 1 or 2 sec but sooner or later you’ll get stuck again or out of stamina.
Elephants animation work great on the contrary i think, i got epic enjoyable fights with them, but rhinos get you stuck very quickly and have insane reach with their moves. Why don’t you devs make the rhino animations and moves similar to his friend “the elephant”?


ive got the same issues to some extent with the toxic reapers , you get stuck in them unable to dodge out and just get bombarded with poison

Similar experience here. First rhino I fought, got stuck inside, pushed through world, died. Corpse wound up in Highlands. Hasn’t happened since then as I’ve been doing as roro4066 mentions, get out from inside before it’s too late.

Also, their hitboxes seem to be way off, I’m constantly at point-blank range and my weapons are clearly in range, but just pass right through them, as well as the fact that they can turn on the spot at insane rates making combat with them pretty much impossible.

It’s the little things like this that need to be worked on first since we are only a matter of days away from official release.


I have had the problem of getting stuck in the rhino too if you attack at the same time he does. Makes fighting them a pain, can just swing once or twice if your lucky then back away with shield up. Also noticed you cannot target lock them. Someone else mentioned their hitbox, haven’t had a problem with rhino hitbox but alligators, spiders and snakes got bad after the update… at least for me. Anyone else?

Same issue, I used a two handed hammer. You get stuck in the ground and stuck in the rhino when doing combos. Makes them not even worth fighting.