Tiger Bug and Rhino Bug

When fighting tigers they do not seem to connect to the ground well and as the battle progresses they angle upwards more and more.

Wehn fighting rhinos it becomes a massive pain and is near impossible because my player character will get stuck within them, forced into a pseudo first person. It happened in the grassland area, most prevelant when facing more thatn one rhino.

I have the same issue.
When fighting the tiger king, the eventually started floating upside and changing to weird angles. It was pretty amusing.

The rhino issue applies to all the large, long creatures. Like the giant crocodile. I keep getting stuck inside their faces. The rhino one is especially bad because it pushes you down into the terrain, which can occasionally cause you to fall through the world and spawn at the broken highway (starting area in the desert).

This is known to Funcom. It was seen during the last stream and there was a comment said along the lines of “Oh, not this bug.”

Yeap i have it as well.