Afraid to use my war Rhino now

I’ve had some wierd bugs with this game but this was probably the worst. I was getting wolf pups by the eastern gate of New Az, and had my Rhino and my white tiger tethered. Suddenly I ended up hard stuck inside my Rhino. I couldnt roll, jump, or dodge out. I tried logging off and logging on and ended up standing on my rhino with my arms spread and frozen. Meanwhile my white tiger was keeping the wolf pack at bay but losing health.
Finally I just suicided and when I came back there was a one skull wolf trying to kill my tiger, and succeeding. I managed to grab my gear, and had to run across the map spamming /return to my tiger before he was killed.
Afterwards I was afraid to mount my Rhino so I just tethered him and ran back to my base. When I tried to open his inventory it kept glitching out, and I was afraid I was going to get stuck in him again.
Even though my tiger survived (barely) and I didnt lose any gear, it was pretty aggravating. Now my level 20 Rhino sits by my base and does nothing.
This was probably THE worst experience Ive had since I got stuck in a crevice for 3 months.


Whu—wait… what?
You got stuck in a crevice for 3 months in game?
or in real life?
(sorry the dumb question but…)


From rhino u cann get out, atleast for me all 10 times i got out, i jusc crouched theen jumped and game pushed me onsides… But i have this problem with horses… deeathtrap…

  • some info about thrall teleport : When u climb wall or get off be sure that up/down the surface or near rhino is clear space… because u see…they “fixed” bug when followers telports in wall, and maked another one, while u climb followers will teleport UP to ur head or ust in place where u are causing also this stuck bug…
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I have this problem only when I look the wrong way when jumping off my mount or when I jump of my mount and the follower teleport IN me… lol

Always face the right way while jumping of your mount, it will happen a lot less

If I remember this story correctly, there was a period of time during Early Access when Funcom turned off the suicide feature, meaning that a character who got stuck in terrain had no way out.

But even removing the bracelet was disabled? Or was stucked in “falling animations” unable to do anything?
Being stuck for 3 months seems a very (very) long time to me, I would have restart a new game in any case!

They really need to add a “follow” distance thing :frowning: guessing the issue is that sometimes you need to interact with the follower and if there was a distance set that wouldn’t be possible. But this “on top of you” thing is just plain frustrating.

As a temporary (more or less last resort before suicide) workaround, carry a katana. The dash attack on it should be able to get you out from under your animal. I’ve had to use it a couple of times when both my horse and pet decided to stand on my shoulders.

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Lesson from this topic: Don’t use a war rhino or horse :joy:

Bring a Katana with you next time, any time you get stuck of what ever, you can dash though anything and get out.
life saver.
even if it is a lvl 20 katana.

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