Bug since day 1? Flying rhinos

Game mode: PVP - C : (Online official)
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVP - C
Region: EU

[Describe the bug here]
When you kill Rhinos they start flying off like a rocket into the sky and then landing somewhere far away from where you killed it

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Rhino region northwest of desert (A-B7?!)
  2. Kill Rhino
  3. By the moment you hit the killing blow, it starts flying away
  4. Looting still possible once you traveled to the ‘landing strip’ of the rhino

It makes for a fun mini-game, though, doesn’t it? Try to reach the landing zone before the rhino does. See if you can harvest him as he lands. Attack with the skinning knife before he reaches the ground and if you harvest him in that one attack, you “win” the game.


i hope they will never fix this: killing rhynos and watch them fly away is the best part of this game :smiley:


It’s been stated in the past by Funcom that they have no intentions of ever patching this. It’s a glitch in the game that has been well received by the majority of players.

I personally find it funny, and enjoy rating their flights when I kill them.


What’s not to like about a 5,000 lbs corpse flying through the air by a muscle-ripped 200 lbs (or less) human being? Its magic! Its sorcery! (see, they did put sorcery in the game and no one realized it) :rofl:

But in all seriousness, yeah, I wish they’d fix it, too.


I love this bug as well but if you don’t want them to fly while farming them, cap your fps to 60.


Best game mechanic ever.

Used to happen to mammoths too.
I used to land them in assgarth from nordhof.

No fun when it happens to the red mother, though shes probly only got usless stuff like tea pots, shelves or lifeblood spears on her.


It once happened to me with the spider queen in east water. IT shot all the way thru the green screen. I found it humorous. nothing like flying spider queens!!!


But the same bug results in sometimes bosses flying into oblivion :smiley: And then its not so funny anymore, as the loot/skeleton key is gone.

The big snake in UC for example. If someone only checked the chests, its mostly on one of this 2 sides… When I kill it there, it just disappears into!!! Its just gone :smiley:

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As pointed out above, and by older topics, Aim down when hacking or knifing to semi-prevent a full launch.

But ya… getting angle just right, and sending one to Gods knows where is basiclly a feature of game we love. XD


Wait, wait, wait. The killing blow influences the way the rhino flies? I never noticed before. Brb, gotta farm ALL of the rhinos…


Get your lance out. You’re welcome ^^


Once a dead Rhino in the Savannah biome landed on a Tiger sleeping in the bush… The Tiger was not hurt physically but very angry with me :joy: :rofl:


I HATE the getting stuck in them nonsense that’s been going since forever ><

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You are right, this is even more annoying - died too many times bc of this

Nope - Love this bug - makes some of the tedium of harvesting fun. I like trying to get it to fly and then run underneath so it lands on me, like kicking the footy to yourself.


Pretty sure I remember them saying on a stream that they have no plans to fix this one because it’s so fun.

Which is as it should be.


that’s funny

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Bonus points for trick shots.


Please never fix this bug. An exile Land without flying rhinos? Unthinkable!:wink: