Bug report - The bugs ive encountered so far

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bugs
Region: East-Coast

So here are the bugs ive encountered so far, playing a modded singleplayer server…

  1. Steel sickle is bugged. In the crafting menu its fine but once crafted its an unuseable brown bag that i cant equip.
  2. Hardened steel tools are invisible. I used the pick and the axe and they’re both equipable and useable, but they’re invisible.
  3. Some enemies dont attack. The ones i can remember are the frost giants in the northeast. Also Rhinos dont attack AND they make you clip into them…
  4. Ok, this just happened for the 3rd time and im REALLY mad.
    The game just randomly deleted my wheel of pain (it happened with my smelter once) with my taskmaster thrall and everything that was in it… Its like the third wheel of pain i build and im pssed that this buggy-as game just decided to delete it… Now i have to build another one AND find a new taskmaster (which i forgot where to get in the first place…)

Ive had a few other bugs but i cant think of them right now. Ill update this post with any further bugs i encounter as well as the ones i remember.

The game is great… Its just extremely buggy and still feels like an early access.

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Clip into Rhinos is also on Official Server.