Bugs to date, not fixed by recent patches

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [Desert]

Bugs I have come across so far while playing.

Can’t interact with thralls:

  1. Created clan.
  2. Recruit new thralls.
  3. Couldn’t interact with previously owned thralls.
  4. Left clan (as last and only member)
  5. Can’t interact with newly recruited thralls.

Also can’t kill any of them to get the gear back.

NPC enemies invincible:

  1. Mostly around tents / black hand camps
  2. Invincible / no hit box until out from under tent.

Dodge not working correctly:

  1. Fighting Rhino / Elephant
  2. Dodge backwards and will roll ‘on the spot’ ending up taking hit rather than dodging.

Placing items disappearing:

  1. Changing this height of artisan table while trying to place (to align next to another table)
  2. After lowering, placed the table, disappeared from inventory but never appeared in game.
  3. Table / resources gone but not displayed / interactable in world.