Bugs currently witnessed/experienced by me. Some maybe what others have listed as well

Game mode: Single and Online
**Type of issue:**Bugs
Server type: PvE
Region: United States

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Bugs currently witnessed/experienced by me.

Thankfully nothing is earth shattering/game breaking.

1st: bug, I have had a full purge meter for ohhhh 2 weeks now. No Purge.

2nd: Killing Rhino’s is now a new Exiles Mini-game of “lets see who’s Rhino flies the farthest”(have had a Rhino tangled at the top of a tree, not game breaking, kinda funny)

3rd: Odd one, neat and confusing 1st time around. I have 2 horizontal evelators side by side. I keep one out, one in. Sometimes I see the one out, but he one in is invisable. When stepped on I can now see the green forests/mountains of the north, I step off I am back at my base in the desert.

4th: unconcious tied up thrall falls through the world or fires off like a rocket into oblivion. This usually only happens(thus far) in certain areas, like The Summoning place, I think it is an issue with the stairs as I have seen in another location and the glitch out happened on stairs.

5th: Some mobs are double spawned. 2 mobs specificly in the same spot moving, acting as one. (unfortunate if a big bad like city ruins dragons)

6th: Sometimes killing NPCs if you turn your back they and their loot vanish. Sometimes It comes back, sometimes it doesn’t. Happens when knocking them out as well occassionally.

7th: Glass jars filled with water, when consumed like a water skin, will sometimes not produce a empty jar, or if it does, when refilled it just ceases to exist.

8th: Almost every workstation at some point will have something “cooking” that you started just a couple minutes ago only for you to come back and it stopped after making, it didn’t make any, or you have to click craft 1 a couple times and THEN click craft all. This being said, I have made sure at all times that said workstations are properly filled with fuel. After a server restart it is naturally expected that things have turned off.

9th: In inventory crafting menu I have been crafting Aqualonian building bits, then also add Khitan to the que(or just use Khitan in general) than when I pop out of menu to do things while I am crafting It makes 1 or two things and then wipes the crafting list.

Not necessarily a bug. But also - I do not believe taht the Purge is working optimally or as intended yet. Once your Purge Meter becomes full, you are eligible to receive a Purge event at one of your player structure building locations. The frequency of these is tuned through the server settings, though I am not sure that there is a good guide that describes how often, how frequently, or how random these actually are. Between the valid “Purge Window” hours, any non-clanned player or any clan can experience a Purge event. Because it is a random event (good 'ole Random Number Generator), it is not guaranteed to hit or affect everyone with full Purge Meters.

This has been frequently observed and reported. I agree with you - it is extremely comical. :smiley: I am not sure where this lies in the pecking order for fixes. But it has to do with the Unreal Tournament 4 physics engine. Bounce is calculated off of relative size, and some other kind of relative weight parameter. Clearly the larger critters (rhinos, elephants) need some tweaking with respect to these size/weight and bounce object properties.

Not sure what this is based on your description. Do you have additional details on this, or perhaps some screenshots?

This has been widely experienced, and reported. Thralls “falling through the world” after being KO’d and dragged. In some cases (if they fall before you hook them on your binding), you can depart the area and return to find your KO’d thrall. In other cases, they actually do fall through the world. A group of intrepid slavers have determined that when thralls fall through the world, they do end up landing in a particular spot in the highlands. There is a player believe (nothing confirmed from devs) that this “vortex” point is a sort of map origin, or 0,0,0 location, and for some reason all lost things end up falling out here. See the post linked below for additional details (the video shows the sleuthing work):

Once again, this one has been experienced and reported previously. I think Funcom has made efforts to correct this one. But due to some of their version control (or lack thereof), this issue has periodically come back. It might be helpful if you specify the locations where you have experienced the duplicate mobs. You mention the Unnamed City, and the baby dragons?

Yep. I have seen this one, too. This, also, has gone in multiple states of being fixed, and then back again. I would recommend either trying to E key the ground where you knew the mob to fall to loot it. Or, try your skinning knife, your Set Ritual Dagger, or other religious sacrificing implement, and using it on the ground. If you hit the corpse container hit box, any contents on the mob will appear in a loot bag.

I have seen some problems, and inconsistencies here, too. From my perspective, it would seem that a filled glass flask is attempting to leverage the waterskin API. When you try and “use” a filled glass flask from your hotbar, instead of draining the flask, it will add a “sips remaining” progress bar underneath the orb. Once used in this fashion, it seems to be very inconsistent with how it continues if you keep trying to use it (doesn’t decrement sips remaining, doesn’t hydrate you, etc.).

Ideally - things that are cooking before a server reset should resume on their own following a server reset. This has been a problem before, and currently I believe is working as it should. There are certainly still some issues and sometimes hard to reproduce bugs with the benches… some as you describe. Sometimes the “craft 10,” or multiple count will not work at all. The workaround here is to click “craft 1”, and then try the multiple count button again.

This also has been reported. Any of the DLC content does not appear to be queuing in the crafting queue correctly. When the thing before it is complete, it just drops out of the queue all together.

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