List of bugs, and some questions

Game mode: Official Multiplayer
Type of issues: mostly bugs
Server type: PVE
Region: EU

At the start i’d just like to state that there’s gonna be a lot of stuff, some of that stuff has been reported already some of it might have not, some of it might just have been lost in the process of fixing other vital stuff. Some of it might have been fixed in latest 2 hotfixes tho if it wasn’t in patchnotes i didn’t really check to prove it still is as it is. Also i’m not really a fan of makin 1 bug post per one issue as there are so many issues ( i don’t mean it in any negative way it’s just a way it is).

  1. Some enemiers spawn with no agro, they wont attack until attacked. Even after last patch some mobs act a bit sleepy/wonky.
  2. No head drops for mountain goats, jungle birds, jaguars (this one seems to be partially fixed on TL as the bird part is in the latest TL notes)
  3. Snapping and collision for right and left sloping inverted walls (as long as there is nothing above those pieces they mostly work fine but when you try to add them as finishing touches with anything above they are very very finicky in both to where they want to snap and when it is allowed to actuallly place them)
  4. Tusk trophy showing as a hyeana head.
  5. No white tiger or white rhino spawns (would be nice to have white tiger trophy too)
  6. Either some t4 armorers are missing or some recipes on the ones that are in-game are missing, some epic variants of armors are unobtainable because of that. (that might be tied to the fact that purges don’t really work atm.)
  7. Sometimes enemy bodies disappear momentarily after death, that forbids looting/skinning of said body. (Sometimes bodies fall underground especially when fighting on slopes, but sometimes it’s just some sort of display issue if you go away and comeback to draw range they will reappear)
  8. Sometimes when hunting in “group” when you die you cann’t loot your body but someone else from your “group” can. (encountered this only twice when fighting in a 4 man group with boss monsters, i did use word “group” but in conan exiles it kinda means people in proximity)
  9. Some light sources in npc camps give no light at night (eg. protected torches at The Wardtowers)
  10. incapacitated thralls sometimes propel themselves into the air like missiles when you try to bind them. (seems to happen more often when you unbind then and then try to bind them again)
  11. Incapacitaded thrall that falls into even shallow water cannot be bound, worse yet if he falls into deeper water in transit he is very hard to dispose (might make sense if he would start getting drowning damage but now he just lays there)
  12. incapacitated enemies seem to stay incapacitated indifinietly (longest test i did was around 8 hours, and that kinda ties in to 11th point you loose him underwater he’s gone till server restart)
  13. Rock God north of unnamed city is missing one 0 in his health (meaning he has let’s say 5,000 health instead of 50,000 or whatever the proper values are)
  14. Demon spider shouldn’t it be resistant to interrupt from power attacks? (cause all other boss monsters are immune)
  15. Thralls agro range, or agro acquisition is borked, not only they seem to ignore other thralls being attacked in vinicity they sometimes ignore their owners being attacked next to them.
  16. Some meteor shells are still unbreakable.
  17. Sometimes meteors fall on a material node (iron/stone etc.) their “no diggin zone” is being projected onto the node under which they lay while the node gives them very high damage resistance shielding them from explosions and fire orbs.
  18. Left/right sloping inverted insulated and black ice walls have wrong icons they are switched left for right.
  19. Red lotus doesnt drop leaves when harvested with a sickle.
  20. Sometimes your corpse wont glow.
  21. Collision box or collision permits for “note” make it very hard to place anywhere.
  22. Thralls still can sink into the floors.
  23. Single spike no longer deals damage.
  24. You can reach maximum map markers limit pretty much just by exploring the map… what about all the T3 temples and your own markers if you’d like to mark something…
  25. All javelin display rack mounts are way off.
  26. All throwing axes display rack mounts are way off.
  27. Iron axe display rack mount is rotated.
  28. Flanged iron mace display rack mount is a bit off.
  29. Kingslayer polearm display rack mount is off.
  30. Repair hammers and skining knives do not show up at display rack unless there’s a non-bugged item at previus slot (you can put 3 repair hammers on a rack they will be invisible if you switch one of them for another item they will show up and as long as that item stays all will be ok, but if you switch back to that hammer they will only properly display as long as you stay in draw range). (a bit of an edit on this issue, even with a non-bugged item it seems to be random whether they show up or not when you reenter draw range)
  31. Thralls “respawn” with 100 hp (this still is a thing even after hotfix)
  32. There are stil “floating thralls” all around. (so unless the fix was just to prevent forming of “new floating thralls” and leave all the old ones to die from hunger when the food patch comes online then it’s still a problem)
  33. Collision boxes for a lot of objects are way off their mesh (carpenters table anything placed on the table will float 20cm above the table, large campfire has a collision box more reminding a tent, and so on)
  34. Rotbranch deal near to zero damage. (this was fixed, tho his attack speed is very high atm.)
  35. Snapping of fence foundations (fixed)
  36. Wells and statue of refreshment can run out of water permanently. ( haven’t checked this after last hotfix but i’ve already seen reports that it’s still bugged)
  37. Hives can run out of honey, also permanently (same as the point above)
  38. Collision for shaleback king head trophy (this one might be connected to the next issue as it seems to have mounting problems on walls facing west)
  39. this one is going to be a bit longer, so, collision box for all wall-like (might be for some other objects too, tho testing it would be rather hard) constructs like walls, frames, door-frames, wall caps etc. is offset from it’s mesh, best way to observe this bug is to build a hexagon from 6 pieces of wedge foundation orientated so flat parts are facing east-west on all sides place an insulated wall facing outwards and now on each of the walls place a hanging object also facing out (triple slot weapon display rack preferably but any and all work just the same) the object should be placed over the wooden protrusions to make it all clearly visible, now walk around the pillar and notice that on 3 sides facing east/north east/south east everything looks ok, but on all 3 facing west/north west/south west the wooden thingies show through the racks, my conclusion for this is that the mesh is offset from collision box on east-west axis (and yes i know i’m lazy for not making screenshots)

And now a part for the things that aren’t really bugs but some are very odd choices just my 2 cents:

  1. Lack of white dragon head and trophy.
  2. Amount of bark needed to dry wood at the dryer is pretty high.
  3. Spawn rates for T4 crafters is all over the place, 100% or very nearly for those in volcano and almost none for any other around the world. (what is it 2%?, unless very luck you won’t find any of them, i know that due to some mishap there was nearly a 100% chance of finding them which was ridiculous but now it’s just way too oppressive)
  4. Mature green dragons are missing key rewards?
  5. Would it be possible for thralls who disengage from combat and go to their given location to also memorise which way they were facing? (also so many of them get lost trying to get back that it’s a bit ridiculous maby if they wont be able to go to their spot 600s after the fight is over just teleport them back?)
  6. Black ice wedges wooden rim colour could be changed to something darker, same colour as all other pieces, because now it looks odd.
  7. No building zone around Sepermeru is very strange in north eastern part it was adjusted to “new” city size while in north western part it still blocks a lot of land, that is mostly emptyl.
  8. Brown and Green Zones are almost lifeless atm. (almost all wildlife is gone)
  9. Drop rate for heads from normal game is very low, 1/10? how bout make it a chance for an axe and a guarantee for a cleaver or other way around?
  10. Purges staying at 100% for weeks, if that’s intended it blows.
  11. On PVE server some Thralls run after players who are not clan members, would be awesome if they could just ignore them.

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