Current bugs on Official servers version #103780/18665

Game mode: [Official Online]
Version : #103780/18665
Problem: [ Bug and Performance ]
Region: [Oceanic official servers (all of them)]

  1. Clan system bugged. Cannot promote/demote clan members. This is important as we just moved to a PvP server to play the game in a more engaging way and there is no way I can promote my members so they can get vault access. A friend in a different clan gifted us a vault at the start so we can keep our belonging safe which is why we had a vault from level 1.

  2. All mobs in game are non-agro. The non-agro mobs means there is no survival left in Conan Exiles. You are guaranteed to survive and nothing attacks and there is no social agro. Makes the game boring with no threat out in the world apart from gravity and the very low chance of PvP with another player due to such low player numbers in servers.

  3. Climbing bugs are also very prevalent. Suddenly slipping for no reason when trying to climb over a ledge. Often suddenly slip down for no reason while climbing up a cliff.

  4. The Dregs cannot be completed in the expected way. End boss does no agro no matter what.Can possibly be done with 1000s of arrows till you kill him but no other way.

  5. Graphical performance is terrible. The latest patches took perfect performing game and made it choppy and blurry at times.

  6. When searching for an item in any list please fix auto-scroll to the items. Having to scroll up a list of blank items is annoying but please fix the above stuff first.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in. You cannot miss the bugs. They are all very obvious the second you logged in and would have been obvious the second you logged into test before applying these bugs to live.
  2. For the clan bug if your UI is set to “Windowed Fullscreen” or a resolution greater than 1920x1080 in fullscreen mode then the right-click menu does not show up.

good points, I certainly see points 2,3,4,6. thralls don’t attack mobs they ran over and watch. In a Purge last night we lost a few T4 names that just stood there and didn’t defend themselves. mobs attacking foundations and 30 thralls watching. My second Purge in 380+ hours played that seem to work correctly though. (first was undead dragon in the middle of my base wasn’t pretty).

Here’s my UI , I’m Xee and I see no promote/demote button. Nothing happens when I click/right-click on clan member names.

Found the clan bug. It IS a bug. If your UI is set to “Windowed Fullscreen” or a resolution greater than 1920x1080 then the right-click menu does not show up.