Noticeable and Possible "Game Breaking Bugs" after patch

Game mode: Online | Singleplayer
Problem: Bug | Misc
Region: Any


  1. World Map Icons are gone. All previous explored locations are wiped off the map and you cannot re-explore these locations. New explored locations show on the map.

–Solved by removing bracelet
EDIT: After logging out of the server and back into the server, the Map has bugged again. Something is wrong here.

  1. Expiration timers are bugged and will constantly skip 15-30 seconds every 5 seconds or so. This happens on all items with an expiration timer. Interesting note here, using Glass Flasks on water to fill them, causes your items in inventory to expire faster as you fill the Flasks.

  2. Journey is completely bugged. You cannot do your journey steps, cannot view your journey steps and logging out and back into a server does not update your journey steps.

–Solved by removing bracelet
EDIT: After logging out of the server and back into the server, the Journey has bugged again. Something is wrong here.

  1. Cannot see your character in the Inventory screen.

  2. Temperatures around furnaces are a bit extreme (this may be intended however), I personally feel the temperatures around them are a tad too extreme.

  3. Cannot attack Thrall under awnings or tents. (On their manual spawn points - You must aggro them from under the tents or awnings)

  4. Thrall in many camps will not aggro the player till late. You can run around them for minutes at times before they actually aggro the player and begin attacking. I was able to run around the Black Galleon before the whole ship aggro’d me.

  5. Some Thrall will stand in place even after the player gains aggro. I was up at the Ward Towers and the manual spawn points at the towers, if they spawn a Fighter; they will not move and just stand there and yell at the player till they are attacked and moved off the manual spawn points.

  6. Upon spawning into a server after reboot, the player and/or Thrall can fall into the first layer of foundations on their structure killing them.

  7. There seems to be a motion blur-like effect in the game that I cannot turn off or disable. Even with motion blur off and all effects on low (not the low end laptop mode) the blur-like effect is still there. Its really noticeable when standing still with a pick in hand looking at the pick as your character moves with its idle animation.

  8. Star Metal nodes seem to not spawn properly or at all. I was able to hear the sound and see the meteor come from the sky, but was not able to locate the node on the terrain, I scanned a huge area in the meteor’s vicinity.

  9. FISH TRAPS! Even though they say open (if you don’t own them), you cannot loot them. But you CAN loot them using scroll wheel and Q.


The Server performance after this patch is much better. The official server I play on used to experience ~5 FPS or lower with 20 people on, it now rests at a solid 20-30 FPS with 31 players on during Raid hours. Good job on the server performance, the work you’ve done there shows.

The boob physics are a bit silly for smaller breasts while running. I look like I have water balloons on my chest and need someone to hold them. ;D (But I do like how they don’t smack my face when I crouch now)

The new sounds are great, love the sandstorm sounds as it rushes over you inside your shelter.

The new climbing animations when hopping over a ledge are great as well. Who knew that one little change on the animations would make it feel much better.


1st:I don´t know if this is a bug. IF AA is on 4x or above. The character gets totaly to a massive pixelhuman by moving.
2nd:In online mode if i removing Bracelets some the bugs will not dissapear.
Even the timer of food ect… realy annoying.
3rd: If i build a bit much and after a journey i come back to my home i must wait very long before the game goes on because it get freezed for a bit of time. The Textures ect. still needs to long to load in conan. I am a bit to fast on my feet. xD

But realy the little new look on faces, new climbing and the sounds are nice. But still i wait for next patch it still feels extreme like an early access game and i have enough from Early Games. COnan is very nice but i want the full game.

Still testing the Game after every Patch it realy goes on with it and i hope after the august patch the game is now a game not only a Prototype. xD


You are correct about the first issue I said. The AA was the cause. The third issue how you said it didn’t solve it for you, I’ve asked people on the official server that we are playing on and I got mixed results (it personally fixed my map and journey). The bug with the expiration timers, I have no idea how such a thing can exist but it does in this patch haha

Just put 205 yellow lotus blossom in the improved cauldron, and realized that all yellow lotus potions are de-spawning from game. I am on an unofficial server. Thralls moved are falling through foundations, again, even thralls placed over a month ago. I moved an archer from base near Muriela’s Hope to base near Ruins of Velstand, placed near T4 dancer and the T4 archer fell through the T3 foundation. I could at first see his head, but I looked over to the dancer, who down to her head sticking above the foundations then moved her to bare ground. When I came back, the archer could no longer be seen. Removed all foundations in the room, but the T4 archer was gone.

Yeah, the game is in a rough position with this patch. No idea how it hit live…

Lotus potions are supposed to expire 2 minutes after crafting them now, but with the expiration timer bugged and jumping 15-30 seconds every 5 seconds, they expire in less than 30 seconds. Its all broken.

Ok i play on a Private Server. I am a bit scared of Official servers because of trollers ect… Even on PVE.
I asked the Server Admin about it but he couldn´t help even with a Restart nothing works. But The Journey can a bit be fixed if i do it again and again and again. if i have luck the Journey was complete lol.
I hope the hotfix will come soon. For me it´s hate and love. i am not a Survival Game Fan and tried many but COnan has my attention. I hate it because funcom works not quiet good enough with us i think. But i know Funcom. They will get it to work. And i love how much you can do in COnan exiles. And it will come much more.
But Funcom has some Problems how i had read. And in some news the patch should come early august and not so fast. I played the Patch on Testlive and saw all bugs like it´s now because they just bring it in the Live game lul.

I have all these same new bugs, as the original post stated.

No. 6 have been around since launch

I’m stuck in the floor and can’t even play, not willing to lose my gear or break foundations to get unstuck

You forgot to mention two of the worst bugs, one of which cost me more than a week of progress:

#1 Support beams and pillars no longer support. Result: 50% of my sky base is demolished.

#2 Placed thralls also fall through foundations and floors/ceilings, leading often to their death of disappearance from the map.

I do believe the strut change was intentional and it was only designed for people to build map rooms. People exploiting the struts to create infinite bridges into nowhere I THINK was what caused the change to the struts.

I don’t care about infinite bridges, never seen ones nor can I think of ways to build any. You can’t just change a major way of how structures work without any notice so there is at least a chance for people to secure their bases and valuables…

I doubt the strut was changed on purpose. You don’t need struts or pillars to build that way. Foundations do it all. This is most likely another bug.

I have come to dread every Funcom update to Conan Exiles. I never know what will happen to all the many hours I put into building my base. I love the game, and I understand that fixing issues is not a simple matter, but the latest patch seems to have broken just as many things as it sought to fix.

While I can deal with many bugs (which I shouldn’t, but I like the game enough to make an effort), number two on the original post was just too much for me. The timers are just way too fast, and food spoils ridiculously quickly, while torches barely last a couple of minutes. I could maybe deal with it if it was the only bug, but the timers, in addition to everything else, made me stop playing the game. Hopefully they will fix the timers soon, and I will come back once they do, but not until it happens.


Here’s some workarounds:

  1. Yellow lotus potion expiration: carry around a firebowl cauldron, a little coal, and some lotus flowers. Set down the cauldron and craft a potion to take right away. I know it’s silly, but Respec on the fly is not dead yet!

  2. Carry some extra coal and just repair that torch when it dies after 2 minutes. Yes, dumb that we even have to do that… But it beats stumbling around in the dark until they patch up the timer issue.

  3. Food spoilage: Make Yog Meat. It’s my favorite anyway. Bon apetite!