What 3 bugs would you like to see fixed?

Hello Exiles!

I’ve been thinking about what bugs/glitches I would like to see fixed in Conan Exiles. This is my next years Christmas wish list as a single player, test live, no mods player:

    1. Dead bodies falling through the mesh and robbing the player of any chance of getting loot.

      This phenomenon has been around for a while now. It is getting better. However, every character/game I play I have bodies disappear into the mesh. It feels like it’s a pretty hefty percentage, 10% or more, that a body will disappear. Usually it happens when I’m busy fighting one enemy while my thrall is fighting another. When my enemy has been dispatched and I go to loot the body/bodies that my thrall was responsible for… they are not there. I can leave the area, come back and still no body. It’s happened with everything from skeletons to the 3 skull purge boss lately. I don’t know if it happens with wild life. It does seem to only happen to 1 (2 at most) enemies per engagement. I have even knocked out certain t4 thralls with the intent of dragging them off and killing them somewhere secluded. Upon death the body of the thrall can be observed falling though the mesh. There is no hope of getting the loot I wanted off of the corpse. Overall I find this glitch super annoying. I have, however, rationalized that in a lot of games the player doesn’t get loot from each and every thing they kill. It still really frustrates me though.

    1. Daggers heavy attack hit box tweaked so attacks do not go through the target w/o doing damage.

      I made a post on this issue with a short video (made exclusively for the forum and unlisted on YouTube). It got a whopping one view from the community. However, today I watched a bit of Wak’s live stream and caught him marveling at how a lot of his dagger attacks were going through the target w/o doing any damage. This confirmed for me that I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. The upside to this bug is that enemies equipped with daggers also seem to have an equally hard time doing damage. This I have rationalized as handicapping the daggers bleed stacking ability. I think the 20 stack of bleed is almost OP. It 's still frustrating to watch your attack go through the target as if it were a non-corporeal entity. The one handed sword used to have this issue with light attack #1 and 2 but seems to have been fixed in the last few months. Thank you Funcom!

    1. Thralls and enemies getting stuck on stuff (i.e. pots, trees, tree stumps, rocks, buildings, etc., etc.).

      The best example I can give for this one is after killing the albino bat at the Tower of Bats my thrall got stuck on the stairs. I trekked all the way from the Tower to my base in the Crevice and my thrall never moved from the sticking spot. I made the thrall stop following me to get her back to my base. This was annoying since I had more plans/things to do before heading back to base. Another example was at the Frost Giant cave. My RHTS got stuck on an ice support column and never moved from the spot. I expected her to teleport to me at some point so I kept moving towards my base. I think the base was in Sepermeru this time. Before I got to my base I was informed that my thrall had died. I think almost every player has experienced the sticky spots with either their thrall or an enemy. Again, very frustrating.

Honorable mentions:

  • Getting hit and taking damage when you are behind an enemy…

It just feels wrong to get hit by an Unnamed City boss when you are behind it… and off to one side or the other by a bit. This has happened to me with the Brute and the Guardian of the Flame. I’m not too frustrated by this one. If the bosses had not been nerfed I am certain I would feel differently.

  • Workbenches, wells and cooking fires that are scattered across the land are un-accessible.

    This is really only about the water wells in New Asagarth but applies just as much to the workbenches and cooking fires/stoves. It always breaks any immersion I have in the game when I’m getting thirsty and there is a well nearby that has no water in it. I’ve rationalized these as “magic” wells where one needs to know the magic word to access the water.

  • AI pathing bug regarding blunted arrows.

    This one should maybe be one of my top 3. Until NPC’s can climb like characters and/or destroy building pieces, like purge NPC’s, it is way too easy to knock NPC exiles out with a basic bow and blunted arrows. You can knock out almost any named t4 exile while naked. I guess it didn’t make the top 3 because I really like how it speeds up the process of getting my desired thrall after hunting for them for so long. This issue really needs to be fixed though. You can use it to also get almost any animal you want to tame too.

That’s it for the stuff I can think of off the top of my head. I tried to keep it to 3 bugs but ended up remembering a couple more while typing this up. Please feel free to add your wish list.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Exiles/Funcom!


More than bug fixing I’d like to see this game polished to a “release” status. We’ve normalized things like enemies sliding, rotating while moving forward, warping from one location to another and things of that sort. This game tried to be an action combat like the soul saga and until actions, animations and server are on sync it will never happen.
My guess (just a guess based on what I’ve seen), poor communication between departments. Like you don’t animate your skeletal mesh in a way that it moves away from its location (like felines do). You animate it on the spot and then let the server move it or we end up with warping tigers who are here and there at the same time. And I can see this happening when 3d artists and programmers work separately.


Your words and your topic was civil, polite and simply beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful report and effort, I totally support anything you just ask and I place a vote of trust to your admirable morality. I wish like you that all the above will be reduced or fixed the soonest possible, this game is a hobby for some of us and it would be really nice to be perfect. Merry Christmas my friend, wishes for health and prosperity :christmas_tree:.


Floating over foundations/floundering around arms windmilling in the air. Yep I have read all the workarounds, it still drives me nuts that it continues to be a thing after all this time.

My thrall standing and looking at me like a muppet when he should be fighting the guy beating me up.

My thrall refusing to take out his weapon and use it/put his weapon away after using it.


You know what, I haven’t seen this one in a while. And I do remember when it used to happen more often than not.

I have a theory it might be related to the floating foundation bug. But only because of correlation.

As for my three…

I would say the biggest one is followers having their nose in my butt. But supposedly that’s fixed in Testlive.

Some of the sound effects from the Maelstrom on Siptah is another.

And then spawn tables and loot table issues, again mostly Siptah related.


If we’re talking strictly bugs:

  • Dead and unconscious bodies seemingly disappearing, so you have to either relog or ride away and come back. Falling through the mesh is bad, but it’s been very rare in my experience. This one is much more common and super annoying. And there’s a new variant of this one on Siptah, where even relogging doesn’t help and you have to get a clanmate to help you.
  • Followers wading into lava. Just make them immune when on follow or something, sheesh.
  • Stability graph errors on reboot. You built a base and everything looks fine. On next reboot, parts of it are missing. Why? There’s something wrong with the algorithm that calculates stability propagation on reboot. As a result, some building pieces don’t get the stability they should from other pieces. If there’s not enough redundancy, they’re gone. The only way to fix it as a player is to rebuild that whole part of the base from scratch. Not just the missing parts, but the parts that are supposed to support them. Eff that noise.

Stretch goals:

  • Chest inventories. It used to be a problem in Exiled Lands. Properly reported and described in details. They left it to rot for months on end, until they finally fixed it. Now we have similar – but different – problems on Siptah. I’m guessing those will be left unfixed for months on end, too.
  • Followers being sunk into the mesh by dragon attacks. It’s almost not worth bringing a thrall with you to fight the Red Mother, because it will spend at least 75% of the time sunk into the ground where it can’t hit her.
  • Getting stuck in rhino meshes. Normal rhinos are bad enough, but if you’re fighting a corrupt Siptah rhino or the Rhino King, you’re in for a world of pain. And you’ll probably die, too. Especially if lagging.
  • Client-side hit checks. Right now, from what I can tell, when you execute an attack, the client will first check if you hit the target. Only if it decides you did will it send the attack to the server and it will be checked there, too. Yeah, I know it saves bandwidth, but it makes the combat much more susceptible to lag. Fixing it doesn’t mean all attacks have to be sent to the server. There are other solutions that can help alleviate this problem.
  1. Rollbug. This is the most lethal bug in PvP. You basically roll in place. This usually happens when you spam inputs very quickly and the game can’t seem to handle it.

  2. Invisible weapons because of desync issues.

  3. Heal canceling because of a debuff wearing off. Yes this is still an issue with foods and super annoying.


1 Armor heat / cold resistance
2 Follower lobotomized brains fixed
3 Npc wall-**** when they push u in wall by gang and kills u


Proximity from thrall pet.
NPC lag
Users with full stats.

  1. What SirDaveWolf said:
  1. Desync!? issues rendering players and/or their weapons invisible as well as thralls being invisible to other players after teleporting.

  2. Invincibility to damage (except projectiles) when standing on drawbridges, elevators, inside the gate frames, door frames, and on top of a throwing axe or a loot bag.

  1. The “floating” above your building pieces.
  2. DDOS of official servers.
  3. “Hard worker” perk being in the wrong spot.

Can you please explain the number 3, I didn’t quite understand it. Please notice that it’s only curiosity, not offensive. Thank you my friend.

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Xfinity 2gig/2gig offer may help relieve some obvious ddos issues. To bad other ISPs leave clients open for attack.

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It’s simple - Hard worker got moved to 30 survival, which is a result of some dev’s brain bug. And considering this is a thread about fixing bugs - this one needs to be addressed too.

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It was on 20 wasn’t it. Yes I can see your point and I agree :+1:.


It was, and there it should be :frowning:


How many of you ran >20 Survival builds before on a normal basis?


The bodies arent really falling thru mesh, most of time. I use think this. (as its fairly common on ps4)

There often just invisible. (on ps4 anyway) you can go to were body was till you get inventory pop up.

Or there up in air… unclickable, and you need find one of limbs on ground. >_>

I think alot of it has to do with how the game handles whats behind you. (as most games really only have whats ahead of you loaded)

As for me… Many of weapons need there hit boxes adjusted. Dagger as mention, whiff attacks non stop with light and heavies. maces to… use such weird move set, they feel so buggy.
On console… so maybe were just to far behind.

Know what… as I was typing all this, I could not settle for life of me… on 3. There are so many insert alot of swear words issues going on with consoles… I can’t pick three. Just 3 would never make it better. T_T
And its hard to point at some… not knowing if there fixed on PC. (since were so far behind on consoles)


You know better than anyone that you don’t need to spend 20 points on survival, all you need is a warpaint, a flawless epic armor, a black blood tool and 3 or 4 points on survival. If you have the legendary helmet it’s even better. To be honest, I use this option in the past, some months ago Funcom for a week place x2 farming. I remember this week I might farm 500.000 stones to fix bricks :joy::joy::joy::joy:. The funny thing is that I didn’t use more than 20% of the bricks, I gifted the others. As I told you before we all learn the game a little wrong. At the beginning we try with stone and iron picks to build pallaces and when the time comes to really farm materials, we are so tired from the beginning because we got sick of hitting rocks. However I restarted so many times, either for pvp reasons, either because a good friend call me to play with him, that I know (finally) the right order of things. In this game, knowledge is the greatest power, don’t you think too?

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It is true, every word you said. We get use to so many bugs :joy::joy::joy:, that we ignore their existence. I don’t sleep on my bed because, when I log in, maybe I ’ ll die from falling damage, so I put my Bella sleep on a rug full of pillars. I sometimes float in my house for 15 minutes and I have to parkur :joy::joy: from chest to rug and table, omg. When I try to fill the animal and thrall pots I have to focus on the bottom or the wooden edge, because in the middle it doesn’t work. And so many other little things that I cannot think right now… I believe that if I started now Conan maybe I wouldn’t continue this game, still, I don’t know how, after 2 years, still holding on, still my number 1 game :wink:.

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