What 3 bugs would you like to see fixed?

I did. My farming spec used to be 30 vit, 30 sur, 38 enc, 10 grit, and 1 agi, back when flawless armors were a thing. I can probably make it even better now that T4 armorers can make +10 armors.

I used to run 30 survival farming spec because I actually liked the efficient butchery perk. I’m sad to see it go.


I knocked out a rare named thrall and it fell through the floor. I was beyond angry. Later I was fighting this dragon on the gates of the Unnamed City, and my Cimmerian Berserker (only chance I had at beating this dragon) got stuck underground with only his head poking out and unable to attack every single time…

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  1. People crashing the server.

  2. Undermeshing

  3. thralls getting stuck on terrain.

All secondary to the hackers. Game is unplayable because of this crap.

  1. Thralls loosing aggro.
  2. Thralls getting knocked into the floor.
  3. Clipping problems with large monsters, e. g. rhinos.
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I do agree very much that tail sweep and stomp are putting your thrall underground :joy::joy::joy:. The only point I disagree is your expression, my only chance to beat that dragon. Except red Mama all the other great Dragons have the movement of the green. Greens moves are very easy to avoid and you have to much time to react and attack on the dragon. The best way to defeat solo this Dragons is the venom infused weapons. Stack poisoning and bleeding with daggers and maintain them with the axe. I fight the same way red Mama before I order my dummy to attack nothing, either way he will spend all the time of the fight underground :joy::joy::joy::joy:. However I would appreciate this bug to be fixed, you are very right on this one

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1 - AI fixes. What i mean by this? Well having thralls on “Guarding” is bad. Very often they start moving away from the origination point. I found thralls on the other side of the map on Siptah(i am on the West side), found thralls that were way over the eastern side of The Tower(Middle area).
The thralls just attack a random Animal and forget to come back, then the Next Animal spawn and he goes away even further( happends mostly with rhinos as they Kick ur thrall away from the guarding point). All is solved After a Server restart but still we cannot ask for a Server restart each time the thralls feel like having a Siptah Trip.

2 - The decaying on certain consumable Items, specially Religion items/Fish/Bugs/Meat. Currently certain Items just dissapear on pick up, when you store them in boxes or even in preservation boxes. Take a stack of any meat and start moving it inside your inventory, you will notice that with each movement you loose 1 meat. Where it goes? I do not know.

3 - Eggplant boss (Kyrylidan, i butchered bis name). When he spawns the thralls act like they seen GOD.

When the BOSS spawns during the Maelstrom my thralls just do nothing, they stare at the sky and do not move a inch. I have to pick them up and move them close to the boss spawn point. Once i move them they Resume attacking the boss.

ALTHOUGH, you said 3 things…i have to write the 4th also…this only affects Siptah. Here we go…

4 - Fix in the empty chests you find in Vaults, previously i Had this issue only with 2 vaults. The gremlin one in the South part of map and the Drowned vault in the northern part of map. Unfortunately in the past month it happend to find the “sigil chest” empty in every single Vault.

There are more things to be said in regards to fixing bugs, i Think 3 things are not enough.

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That one has an explanation. The next time you’re moving things, pay attention to their decay timers.

Let’s say you have 10 savoury flesh with a decay timer of 1 minute and 20 savoury flesh with a decay timer close to maximum (1 hour 30 minutes). If you move those 10 on top of those 20, you’ll get a stack of 29 savoury flesh instead of 30, but their decay timer will be at the maximum.

I don’t like the way it works, but I also understand why they did it like that. If you’re joining stacks with different decay timers, what should the decay timer be for the new stack? It’s a tricky problem and a wrong solution would allow people to juggle stacks in a way that allows them to circumvent decay timers.


I thought that is related to decay Timers, how it really works i do not know because it happends randomly and with Different items, with newly farmed Items or freshly taken out of preservation boxes.

Increasing stack number on certain Items might ease up the loss?

I Think dupping fix might have Made this worse, it never felt like this on Exiled Lands.

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how about fix all of the bugs. The game has been out for years now, this is a joke.

  1. Stuck thralls: For me, thralls are now unusable; they get stuck every few steps. I pick it up, set it down; it runs a few steps and gets stuck again.

I) Broken Perks: ALL perks should be in working order, and this should be a greater priority than it currently is. That means fixing the Glutonous Gains perk, the Flattening Shot (aka Acc 39) perk, the Antidote of One perk, and any others which currently do not function as intended.

II) Getting Stuck In Rhino Mesh: It is not just rhinos, but they are usually the first beast which comes to mind when we picture this bug. It also affects other beasts such as reptillian monstrosities and the red mother. This stubborn bug has been fixed and later returned numerous times now. It not just one of the most annoying bugs, but sadly also one of the most immersion breaking ones in my view.

III) Hitboxes Need Some Work: Most weapon hitboxes need some touch up paint. Daggers are the most notorious example here; the first blow almost never seems to connect be it on my character or an NPC mob.

IV) Show Contextual Controls [honourable mention]: This one is more of a first-world problem and by no means game breaking. But after well over 1 year, probably closer to 2 now, and numerous reports, this one still has not been fixed on consoles. I dont think PC players have this one, but basically when we select ‘disable contextual controls’ in the settings menu it does not remain saved, and every time we log off and back in we must repeat the process. Perhaps its just the OCD talking, but after over a year this being the first thing I do every time I log on it has begun to get pretty irritating.


Well i would like to see them fix the Xbox it’s been broken for 6 months now and for the people that want to say hey you need to buy the new Xbox. Bs i have 287 days of game play in an guess what the new Xbox hasn’t even been out that long i got my time in on a og Xbox one now I’m useing a x and a Xbox s still can’t stay in the game i no people with the new Xbox and they say it loads faster but still having the oom problem.


On the upside, when riding my war rhino, the mobs/npc’s get stuck in it and I don’t take any damage…lol

  1. Random foundations/ceilings/stairs/etc lacking collision on login (the old “falling while standing still” bug).
  2. Lagging while the game loads assets (while walking up to a base, or while accessing workstations/chests/inventory of things)
  3. Pathing is terrible. It’s why thralls/pets/mounts all teleport so frequently. We’ve become used to it, but it’s stupid that they should rely on teleport so much to resolve “i can’t figure out how to get from A to B”. It’s also why the Purge teleportation used to be such a pain in the ■■■. The game needs better pathing.

seems like a lot of people are upset with the undermesh thing. Instead of fixing it they can always put that magical green barrier that surrounds the map in the under mesh. So if you try to exploit / cheat your way somewhere the green barrier will kill you.


There’s a lot of areas on the map where one’s feet will sink through the terrain. There are also cavern walls where you will glitch into the walls. So they would have to make certain that the green barrier was deep enough not to kill people while they were climbing or travelling around the surface. Or they would have to fix all the parts of the map where one glitches into it. Really good idea though. :+1:

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Anywhere between 5-20 feet from surface contact is insta kill. Can also have it to where it flings your body 30-40 feet from contact surface so you can get your loot back if it was by accident.

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The green barrier would have to be low enough to not matter.

There’s dungeons down there.


I have been griping about things like this for as long as I can remember. Honestly, between NPC desync, animations not feeling all that polished in some regards, getting stuck inside of creatures, unable to roll away, getting hit through a shield, while blocking, while backing up, weapon attacks unable to hit their target: particularly the F*ng sword and shield, but also the axe and shield. This game still feels like an early access title, if Im being perfectly blunt. Honestly, I’m disgusted none of this has been sorted out yet.

But hey, we get a stamina rework. Come on funcom. I want to love this game. Fix it up already.

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  • AI (en bloc): enemies and followers can’t swim, can’t jump, can’t climb and the smallest edge freaks them out, they can not take a bigger step to step on a ~10 cm. height difference.
  • Sun and Moon: Moon casts the shadows to the opposite side, and the Sun does not come up on the east.
  • GLOWING goops (again, again and again).

+gratis: dynamic shadows… there is a mod that enables them, but at what cost? 60-70% of your FPS land in the garbage bin. I am not a programmer or anything similar, but I’ve never seen dynamic shadows eat this amount of performance, and I don’t believe that is impossible to fine-tune the shadows to work properly.

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