Huge AI problem

Game mode: [Online | pvp official]
Problem: [| Bug | Performance |]
Region: [Asia]

At 1st i thought it was just server fps problem but then even if server fps is on 30+ still the same :cold_sweat:
All npc ai is on neutral (will not attack unless attacked) all thralls and enemy npc/beasts, worse is they only attack one by one…then pause(stop attacking) for 3 sec aggro will then be dropped immediately… :cry:
This bug kills the thing that i enjoy most in this game which is the combat. I love this game! Pls this really needs a hotfix… :sob:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play
  2. Go near enemy npc/thrall
  3. Stare at them
  4. Loot stuff/ Kite/ Enjoy senseless combat,game

Just to add: Pls remove environmental/fall damage on follower thralls, most of mine died from falling when im on an elevator and one died in the lava… When they tlport…


Same happens on our dedicated server in EU. NPCs sometimes do attack but it is very erratic. Most of the time they just stand and do nothing…

It’s cool how the dev team doesn’t do jack to fix any of these game-breaking bugs. What a joke

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These bugs are up for so long and oddly nobody from Funcom even bothers to do something… we have no thralls for weeks by now… Who cares right? And the list of bugs can continue endless…

Yep disaster just happened got raided last night and thralls did nothing but stare at the raiders, they only attack if and only if they got attacked :sob:, only one thrall shoots an arrow once or twice then stopped, unlike when it was and supposed to be… Ive once seen em all shoot a hail of arrows at a trespasser but it didnt happen last night. I was getting hit several times and my archer thralls jst looked at me and my opponent. I couldve enjoyed it 4players against me and my thralls, but with thralls not working properly it was purely disappointing it was more like me vs 4 and thrall audiences…

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Played on server 1070 last night and today. Same problem here. Can run trough the whole map without being attacked once. This kind of kills the gaming experience at the moment.

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