Conan exiles never to be fixed

I would like to second that, eventhough its taking up an offtopic post(sorry), it’s has valeu for me.

Credit where credit is due.


I have to be honest , and while I agree that Conan Exiles has plenty of problems still (on console is disastrous) , the thralls system has drastically improved since day one.
Now you can actually go around with a follower, and mostly fights for you, it mostly runs straight, it rarely gets stuck (and when it does de-spawn and re-spawn immediatly).
Far away from a perfect system but to say that nothing changed since day one about thralls is not true.


My experience is different, it might be due to performance(or lack of) on official servers that these ‘improvements’ you mention are not visible to players on official servers. I cannot go around with a follower, it dies all the time by teleporting to it’s death after constantly getting stuck on anything as minor as a rock, when it runs behind you on flat surface it runs 80% of the time backwards and it does not fight for you most of the time. So saying that thralls are still broken is not true, is not true either :wink:

I do play on official servers, and for the record, I am a very active critic of Funcom lack of improvements for Conan Exiles (just take a look at my posts pointing out game problems), so I am lightyears away from white-knighting here.

But truly, at the moment, in my experience, and again, while stressing out that is far away to be a “finished” product ,I find the pet and thrall system enjoyable.
Just yesterday brought my greater Sabretooth around for a test drive, with a tour of world bosses to farm skeleton keys, and the follower didn’t miss a bit, in and out fight.

I actually even died because I disconnected while fighting the white tiger, I reloaded, relogged, regeared, teleported, ran back to the point, convinced to have lost my pet (that kept fighting the tiger the whole time) which was loaded with baby animals and farmed legendary gear.
And with my surprise the Sabretooth was still there (whit very low HP, but alive still) standing the ground against the tiger, it allowed me to get back my gear and finish the job.

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Your post makes me hopefull whilst remaining realistic. But the thing is that your sabretooth actually stopped fighting after you died, and so did the complete world, it is only when you came back to the location that the world became live again around you, including your sabre and the white tiger it was fighting. While very convenient in the situation you described, no very enjoyable to me.

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I am very much convinced as well of this.
I don’t know the entity of the economical advantage Funcom has with a partner like Game Portal, but I am sure that the majority of performance issues that are literally destroying the popularity of the game come from poor servers.
Maybe is time Funcom re-thinks its agreement with Game Portal and start look around for alternate solutions, or that Game Portal steps up its game if it wants to retain the business.

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No, I know the way it works, but it didn’t stop fighting.
I left the Sabre with around 8k HP and I got back with the pet having around 1.2k HP (plus the white tiger hp also went down drastically in the meantime), and I saw them fighting from distance…not as usually happens that you see 2 npcs start fighting when you get close.

The world becomes active around you, everything that renders is active when server FPS is acceptable. Going from 8k to 1.2 fighting a white tiger does not take long. The time to

would have killed your sabre 10x over if the world would not have been static.
Are you actually saying that they reversed that and that the world all of a sudden is alive again without it being mentioned in the patch notes?


We are talking online here, just to be clear.
And yes, to my surprise that is what happened, and I think was actually possible, because 8.5k HP of the Sabre don’t go down that fast even taking serious damage, just take a greater pet and have it get hit by a world boss.
Dont forget that the white tiger is a middle level world boss, while the Sabretooth is a high level area pet.
To comparison, I did the same with a White tiger pet that I was lucky enough to grow up, it is way more weak as attack and as defence compared to the Sabretooth, and is because the white tiger pet is a middle range greater, compared to the max tier of the Saber. Guess the same applies to world bosses.
I am sure it wouldn’t stand as long in a fight against, lets say, the Kingscourge.

Plus, if you think about, nobody would lose a pet in a fight if it would not continue while you gone, everybody would just quit the game to save the pet.
When you are still present and you withdraw from a fight it will follow you withdrawing as well, but if you quit/die/offline, I do believe the pet remains locked in the combat as you do.

Greater pets all have the same HP btw(exc spider), they are all equal in terms of defense/tankyness. I have tried most greater pets against the croc boss many times(because it was closest to my base). Btw the world becomes static when noone is in the area, if someone else would have been in the area your pet would have died also. But if you believe it all stays active, good for you because for those who realize it, it breaks the game.


Same HP but not same defence and atk stats, pet tiers exist for a reason.
A sabre brings down a goat in 1 hit, a white tiger pet brings down a goat in 2 hits. Fact.
So, sorry to say, but your theory is flawed.
I tested several greater on world bosses and they are NOT all the same at all.
It wouldn’t make any sense if they would be.

Don’t “good for you if you believe it” me, because I know what I saw and I know the game, and the way it works very well, playing since day one I surely don’t need you to teach me anything.
It seems to me you never actually tested on the field what we are talking about, and you speak only holding the ensign of harbinger of truth.
Anyway, we took already enough space in this thread going off-topic, so I will keep bringing down world bosses mainly with my greater pets, and you will keep deny it.
Sounds like a deal.

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deal :wink:


Hi Tascha, is there any chance y’all can shed some light on Static World Syndrome? I don’t share @Skinny’s opinion of stupidest improvement, but I am beginning to formulate a ranking on the continuum.

Thanks to Skinny’s very elucidating discussion with Clowns, I think you at Funcom might have made a decision to static the world for various reasons. The benefit, however, goes mostly to the solo/PVE player. I can see the benefit, because your pets aren’t getting ruined by the world. I get that.

It is jarring to enter a location and see the inhabitants start moving as if cued by some magical director. It really breaks the illusion of immersion. Since it hasn’t improved server performance, and breaks immersion, these negatives far outweigh the benefit to them who die and leave a pet far enough away for the world to shut down. It would be nice to know whether SWS will be cured.


I too would like to know more about this “static” world issue. I do not play online and only pay Single Player, and I understand that some things are different for me because of that. I have witnessed this “static world” issue in my SP world many times and honestly, I find it off-putting. I’ve been meaning to test my distant furnaces to see how it affects them, as well as other, time based things around my base and just haven’t gotten around to it, but what I’m hearing is that its the same for servers as well? I find that to be pretty silly. I mean one of the main points of plaing on a “server” is that it’s always on. What gives?


Agreed. Can’t think of a better way to say it.

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Sry man, I couldn’t let that pass! :stuck_out_tongue:


I do understand the benefit of it to not having to compute the complete world but it only gives a benefit when you are either on a low population server or in SP. When you have 30ish players scattered around on the server it would have no performance gain at all. The worst thing about it is that they have been programming around this issue which they have created themselves to keep certain stuff active.

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As a side effect, you are able to shot many things now with a bow without any retaliation on the victim’s part, if you shot from a far enough distance. Easy cake.

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I’ve noticed the Static World Syndrome as well, not a fan. And easily plucking out any mob over distance with no retaliation. But then there’s already always a cheesy way to kill almost any PvE mob in the game.

Personally I’d just say I wanted a lot more from the purge. Playing with friends (that don’t enjoy PvP like myself), we do enjoy the building, but the purge is no threat. Currently it’s bugged and we don’t even get it.

I also find the Purge mechanic silly in that the waves don’t just come, like every 5 minutes, despite if you kill the wave or not. You can just drag the mobs around, or kite em, for 30 mins. Or you have to hunt down 1 mob that gets lost on the way, or stuck, underwater, or just decides to chew on some other players hut 5 miles down the road.

The single defining feature of the game, (barring on a PvP server) that could offer challenge and fun, is mindlessly boring and broken. The standard official server purge level of 6 as well mostly just sends waves of animals. There is only specific spots to place purge bait to get humans, for the special thralls. And purge thralls be naked, why? Not in cool distinguishing outfits or anything? Just taller, naked dudes.

I’d love sorcery, mounts, archery updates, all that jazz as much as the next exile…but I dunno if me and my 4 friends will make it there with you all. We’ve destroyed more of our own stuff than any Purge. We’ve moved servers, watch them all die. Tried to create chats for the server, community, but without anything exciting, purges…they just putter out. Not even a dedicated server would fix it for me, the purge is mechanically broken. As far as PS4 goes there are no options of Mods either. Everything is a cakewalk. I itched for PvP when we started (as i said friends don’t enjoy though) but reading of the vaults, horrible imbalances, chinese, under-meshes, just…everything players will find and exploit I’m not sure that would of helped.

I enjoy the world, graphics, setting, building, all that. But ya, the purges and Thrall AI sucks yo. I waste time typing this leaving my character AFK online on the server cause when we’re offline the purge meter is decaying right now. Sorry if this is all seemingly negative, but I’m still playing because I do enjoy it more than what is out there, and F76 looks shiet to me to be honest, and I don’t want my friends to try and drag me to it.


Probably going to happen though @Threatlevel0, for me as well. Good discussion in here. Where’s the settlement system? Give us a reason to feed thralls, what’s their use? Unless T4 on crafting stations, not much.