Thrall bug report and rant about the state of the game

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash | Bug | Other
Server type: PvP
Region: US - West
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Spent the last 3 days leveling a thrall. Used character transfer to bring gear over from Siptah for the thrall… Gear that can not be obtained on an Exiled Lands server. Gear that was crafted using thralls that I don’t have on Exiled lands, so it’s pretty much irreplaceable without massive effort. The thrall was level 19, and ALSO a thrall from Siptah (irreplaceable without massive effort, again).

I told the thrall to stop following, so the thrall went into scouting mode inside of one of my bases. When I told it to stop following, it was still positioned very closely to my horse that I also told to stop following. The thrall appeared to be walking in place. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it. I removed my bracelet and came back within a few minutes and the thrall disappeared completely. I re-logged and waited to see if the thrall would just return home, and upon logging back in the thrall was still missing. I checked the event log and it said the thrall died… Just “died.” Not “killed.” No other explanation. So, the thrall is gone along with all of the gear.

When I closed the game to re-log, the game did not close normally, but rather crashed with a “fatal error” and bug report prompt.

Expected Behavior:

I expected the thrall to either continue scouting until I went back to the base that I left it in to get it, or to return home like it always does.

Steps to Reproduce:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. Please be as detailed as possible; the more details, the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Spend days farming resources, thralls, recipes, and crafting gear for the thrall on a Siptah server.
  2. Use the ‘once a week only’ Character Transfer to bring the items from step 1 to your Exiled Lands Official Server
  3. Spend more days leveling the thrall.
  4. Tell the thrall to “stop following”; it goes into scouting mode, like always (this is something I do multiple times per day).
  5. Something
  6. Thrall dies and disappears with all of your valuable gear and progress for no apparent reason.
  7. Report the bug even though you know that there probably won’t ever be a fix, and that nothing will be done to try to remedy the several days you spent building the gear and leveling the thrall which are all now for nothing.

Now for a bit of a rant:

This just happened on a server which I’m trying to rebuild my progress after our clan and every other clan on the server having been completely wiped out in a matter of days by a group of 2 people who were doing things which they weren’t supposed to be doing… Not sure if I can be any more specific than that without this thread getting locked and hidden by admins.

I run into bugs all the time in Conan, even more so on Exiled lands.

Funcom releases patches which “fix” a bunch of stuff that no one cares about, and adds a bunch of features that no one was asking for (sheathed weapons). The same patches break all kinds of things, implement changes that seem to be completely untested by any serious QA regiment, and somehow manage to roll-back fixes which previously prevented certain exploits and bugs.

I would say that official servers are poorly moderated, but that would be misleading since it implies that they are moderated at all, whatsoever. Rampant exploit use and bugs are driving this games player base to extinction.

This is probably one of the best games that I’ve ever played, but it has the worst management / developers / moderators out of any game that I’ve played, as well.

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Hey @Asmilk

You mention this thrall death happened in an official servr, could you let us know the name of the server and the approximate date of it?

As per the rant, please do remember to report infractions via

I PM’ed you the server and timestamp info.

I sure did report it on zendesk. I even got an update on the issue yesterday! The update was:

"Greetings Exile,

We currently experience a high number of contacts from our community, and regret not having been able to do an in depth investigation on the issue you reported.

We hope it has already improved on its own. However, if this still impacts your experience on official servers, please feel free to get back to us and let us know.

Thank you for your patience and understanding."

Pretty outrageous to say the least. Especially considering that it would probably take someone with admin tools about 15 minutes to figure out if/what any infractions have been made and ban the people who were involved with them.

They don’t have admin access or right on gportal


The rest of your rant is completely unnecessary. Post your bug reports, leave your ranting out of it, and remember that this isn’t an MMO with 24:7 moderation and active admins (as Gloatingtomb6 already said). If that is your demand, either play an actual MMO with such things, or join a private server.

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While we don’t generally discuss Zendesk related stuff on the forums, I’ll make a small exception here just to give some insight.

The automated response you received is sent to tickets that spent (under the current settings) 14 days in the backlog with no progress being done to them. The lack of progress is not neglect, but a matter of priority. Tickets are organized by priority depending on type of infraction and severity of it. While ideally, our Zendesk team would love to address every single ticket received, with the current workload that is not feasible.
However, if a ticket is automatically closed, and the issue is still causing trouble, we suggest to send a new ticket reporting it.

As a final note, while we understand the frustration when affected by an unpleasant situation when playing online, official servers are a free service offered to our players, but it is not the only way to play the game. There are many thriving communities (see our Servers and clans section in the forums) with different rulesets and admin presence, and on PC, Mod setups, that may better align with your preferred way to play.

Now, getting back on topic. Thank you for reaching out via DM. We’ve submitted the details you provided to our team, who is now looking into this thrall issue and how to reproduce it.


I didn’t know that. The state of official servers makes a lot more sense now.


If my rant was unnecessary, what does that make your response to it? You’re the one who opened up the thread which literally had “rant” in the title, and then took the time to criticize the fact that there was a rant…

Speaking of unnecessary, it’s pretty apparent that this “isn’t an MMO with 24:7 moderation.” As already pointed out in my rant, there appears to be almost no moderation.

What happened is, I believe, is the thrall falls through the mesh, falls all the way to the bottom of the world, which is a killbox that looks like sand dunes. This has happened to me 3 times with 3 different thralls that were leveled past 30 and 40 with the Thralls level to 100 mod. I’m on single player with admin rights, using map teleport killed two of the thralls (they either fell through the mesh where they were or they fell through the mesh where I teleported.) The third time was different, they disappeared in the tiny area just beyond Dragon’s Mouth and before the inside of the Volcano, as I exited/zoned from the tiny area to the front of Dragon’s Mouth they did not follow, so I went back in, they were not there. I know something’s up because I press E and the it says “Thrall cannot reach target location”, most likely because it’s underground or far away. I looked under the mesh with Ghost all the way down to the dunes and could not find it anywhere. It’s like the thrall randomly falls through the mesh, continues to fall slowly so it takes a couple minutes, it’s not visible or at least I couldn’t find it while it’s slowly falling, then all of a sudden you get “Your thrall has died/been killed” a few minutes later. Poof, gone, not on your list of followers anymore, no body to loot. If you have Hosav’s Custom UI and you were partied with the Thrall it will say “You are no longer in a party” just to add insult to injury.

As an aside: Sometimes when I admin teleport the thrall doesn’t follow me. I press E and it says “Thrall cannot reach target location” because it stays at the last place I was, and sometimes when I go back it’s like it wants to fight something so it’s just walking someplace, but sometimes it just won’t follow me, if I pick it up and put it someplace else and choose follow again, nope just doesn’t want to. I have to quit to the main menu and restart and then they will start following me again. It’s like they have aggro on a mob and will not stop wanting to fight or will just stand there stunned, reminds me of Meta-Physicist (or Engi) in anarchy online when their pets would aggro stuff and not listen to your commands on occasion.

Sometimes when I die I go back and the thrall isn’t there, I have to admin Ghost down about a mile to find them just floating in the void. It’s this void where your thrall goes before it dies.

Anyways I don’t know if any of that helped or was just nonsense but there you go.


I also had followers disappear at exactly that location (singleplayer, so I was able to revert to the back-up save to fix it). While I am running mods, I’m not running Thralls Level to 100 - the ones I lost were a vanilla horse and an AoC thrall. The fact that two of us have had the experience at that same location just by Dragonmouth maybe helps identify a particular weak spot? Has anyone else noticed particular problems at any specific location?

I’ve had many problems with thralls breaking Follow in the volcano, whether I admin teleport and they just don’t come with, to zoning and they just don’t zone with me, I go back and they’re there. I’ve just led them all the way back into the main world (by Dragonmouth) and down the mountain a bit and they would follow me with admin teleport. Except that one time I mentioned above where they decided to die instead. I guess I’m just not going to bring a thrall with me into the volcano anymore, funny that it’s not the lava that kills your thralls there now lol.

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Mate look all he is saying is keep the communication civil. Don’t engage in angry conversations. You can still express frustration but try to do so respectfully.

That’s all.

I have just filed a similar issue to this. This I believe is the probable cause - that things fall through the mesh. I lost a level 20 Thrall randomly a few days ago - lost without trace, a body or anything. I was flying at the time and did expect him to just dissapear.

Regarding the Rant - I can only agree. This is both the best game I have ever played and one of the worst. It beats Skyrim (600 hours on record) for addictiveness but the sheer number of game bugs are extremely irritating. Randomly loosing a thrall after investing so much makes you question why you continue to play. It sounds like some kind of garbage collection/rescue algorithm should be implemented for when things end up below the mesh. Game bugs are one thing but its lazy just to delete things just because they end up in the wrong place.

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