Its out of early access, yet has THIS many bugs?

i literally had to make an account just so i could write this one little post here.

i like the game over all, its fun WHEN IT WORKS, its addicting, and fun but its so insanely frustrating, when it doesnt work as intended which happens often. in all honesty, no one ever expects a multiplayer game to be released with no bugs, but this… honestly should have stayed in early access.

where the shiit do i start i wonder?

building: Sometimes you simply cant snap your buildings on. if you try again later, magically you can. what the hell.

This is probably the biggest ■■■■ i have with this game. the ■■■■■■■■ thralls. you walk a thousand miles to a camp, fight tooth and nail to get them knocked unconcious, only to on your way home, to lose your thrall through unexplained means.

maybe your rope breaks? tough luck but luckily you brought an extra. you put it on your unconcious thrall and the moment you do that, he SKYROCKETS IN TO THE ■■■■■■■■ AIR AND DISAPPEARS. Half an hour wasted for nothing. and thats not the only way it can happen, sometimes when the rope breaks he just disappears right there! FFS MAN! i mean come the F on, didnt you try to drag a thrall yourself before releasing the game? this is quite a big feature of the game and it works like complete utter crap. its absolutely pathetic.

Again when the game runs its super fun, but you guys, in your urge to get it out of early access, just didnt fecking clear the game of the biggest bugs that would be required. this is still an early access game, even if you dont want it to be.

the fact that thralls is a 50/50 chance to get home is just stupid.

And whats up with the lack of tooltips? nothing in this game at all, is explained. NOTHING. is this on purpose? to deter people from understanding what they’re actually doing?

And why do some minions seemingly not give a rats butt about me heavy chain blowing them? they can often attack me anyway. and sometimes they attack through my shield.

and a guy going backwards can go backwards faster than i can even go forward while attacking. making it highly unlikely that you’ll ever catch a full hp guy that runs from you through normal means.

And why is the purge so bugged? it says its happening to me, and suddenly they have been defeated and i havent lifted a finger. happened to several guys on my server. nothing was destroyed. Again, stop adding features to a live server that hasnt been tested, for GODS SAKE.

guys please test your game before releasing it.

i can look through the fingers with most, but the thrall bugs? no. screw you guys, i wont look through fingers on that one. its unacceptable. the way they are dragged across the ground, you can already tell by looking at that, that its going to spell disaster. that those thralls will and can disappear at any given moment.

Fix the thralls.

and now i cant even swear on the forums when you release a bug infested game like this? i have the right to be angry when im wasting time dragging and finding a thrall for 45 minutes just for him to turn to rocketman outside my base because you didnt fix the most menial things in your game.


Uh oh, watch out now. I made a post about the quality of the game being the same as early access and got “flagged”. I guess some people can’t deal with the truth. But yes I agree, for 50$ this amount of bugs is unacceptable. And here I thought Bethesda had the worst quality in game development.


It’s like an MMO release. Buggy still for the first few months, but eventually the severe bugs go away, and the game is polished and smooth. If you’ve just arrived, you should’ve seen it a few months ago… It’s come a long way with release.

I haven’t had a crash in a long time, and so I’m content with where it’s at right now. But then again, I paid about $35 for my copy, and have 600+ hours of playtime. Once you figure out the quirks, you learn to steer clear of them. Not excusing the fact that there are bugs, but that it’s very possible to enjoy the game despite them.


You’re on PC? I play on xbox one, and the sad part is, the games in the same shape it was when I bought it months ago. I solo’ed a dungeon, I think it was the dregs? I forget. Anyway, I sprint up the stairs to the big room just before the exit. Only, that spot didn’t load in, and I fell through the map and died. Lost all my loot and like 40 minutes because of a game bug. I also only play solo, so the servers are not the issue, the quality of the game is.

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Why did you come to the PC section of the forum then? and i assumed the OP was on console too.

But on that thrall rope bit, remember to bring repair mats with you? It’s not that expensive to just press E and drop the thrall yourself and repair bindings then pick it back up. Just have to be attentive to the durability.

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I agree. This game ‘really’ was not ready for official launch. But this should have been expected by the fanbase for over year. They went into EA way before the game was even ready for that (absolutely everything was a broken mess, nothing was tested at all, so they did not need player feedback yet), so of course they’d go into official release too early as well.


and there is also a PS4 and an Xbox One discussion, just saying you chose to go to the PC one. That and I just offered the idea of remembering to have repair material? you ok?

if you look above op you will notice “Conan Exiles General Discussion pc”

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I’ve seen the console discussions since it was even a thing. All around, I’d say that was a bad idea from the start, and most likely was an executive’s, not developers, order for a money grab. Devs have to create what the people signing their checks tell them to - and every single time execs start calling shots, games release too soon, just so they can put it on that quarter’s financials. For years, that was what made Rockstar different from all the rest. It would have been wise to work it all out on the PC first, then port over a solid package to consoles.

Echoing what others said though too - compared to where many of us started, it’s amazing. It’s a blast, and more than enough to buy 2 copies, and pay a monthly fee for our own server to play on.

Oh, and a massive # of ‘bugs’ are more end user related oftentimes, too - hardware, drivers (not updated, or too updated,) mods people just assume will work fine, etc…

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You’re right, I apologize for pointing my aggression at you. And sorry I came off so rude and aggressive. Bad day today.

I lost several thralls in in the first few days. Never do now.
1 - carry extra bindings and pay attention to the “white line”
2 - plan your route before you set off. If there is climbing, fighting or swimming along the route pick a different route
3 - Have everything set up ready for when you bring the thrall to the WOP.
4 - For good measure I’d turn off all other programs running on my computer. You don’t want a crash while you are carrying a thrall in the open.
5 - Don’t fight “tooth and nail” to get a thrall. There are techniques you can use with them to make the fight easier for you.

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i cant blame you though from all the reports and discussions i have been seeing some how they ruined the port to consoles. Not sure if they made wildcard do it to follow the ark consoles but yea consoles have been rough.

I don’t know why they went and changed the game SO MUCH. Why not just have a storyline, quests (other than ‘master a kick’ etc, the game was beautiful as it was initially. There were the mods too like being able to carry a heavier load and things like that should be changed in main game. But the overall change is horrific.
To have to go through several functions to get a result, regardless how quick you are after a lot of practice, is tedious and reminds you constantly that you are PLAYING, you never feel part of that world in full emersion.
And then look at your char’s face and want to …up.

this is my first post on this forum.

i AM on a PC im not on a console.

as ive said before, i really like the game though, when it works. but something as crucial as thralls, which i think is a rather large selling point, that clearly wasnt even tested before send live, just cant have this many bugs in it.

you drag your slave along the ground while they essentially fly around in the air too, the only thing keeping them in existence is your rope, without it, they fly to the moon. you can clearly see that as you drag them, so how can the developers not see that maybe they should really fix these thrall capturing and returning to base situations?

I Have a hard time thinking they didnt already know about it, but chose to ignore it to push the release of the game. this game wasnt finished even remotely and ive played several MMOs. i know they’re always full of bugs, but not bugs this huge or crucial.

this is unacceptable.

edit: why do you guys assume im on a console? did i post in the wrong section?

1 - i always DO carry extra bindings.
2 - im not a ■■■■■■, i always plan my route ahead, i even have bridges to carry me across waters.
3 - i have that too.
4 - only the game and the internet runs
5 - ok? thats not the point.

you missed every mark. i didnt make this post because i cant figure out how to get thralls home, i made this post because getting thralls home is bugged as F.

if you read my post you would see that i wrote specifically that the line breaks, i put on a different rope. i see him on the ground, i click E to put another rope on him, and the moment i do that, he flies to the moon. he’s just gone. completely gone. this has happened 50% of the times ive had to capture thralls, i dont know if its a jungle area thing.

nothing i can do can change that fact, a bug did this.

that is your problem right there, you need to use the same one, repair it, if anything I’m assuming there is a bug then that it doesn’t enjoy swapping bindings since it may think you are using the broken one when you arent. besides that, people don’t have issues as much with dragging thralls that i have seen, now the AI once broken in is crap but they don’t fly above the ground as you say. But yes there is something you can do to change it. Thats like mentioned, repair the rope ‘before’ it breaks, look down at the thrall and click E to stop the dragging, repair, and rebind, done

So your thrall flew to the moon, buu huu… Buckle up Exile, this land is not for the weak of heart!! Go back to fortnite:kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes:


Early access was fun but most bugs should be gone by full release.

I prefer to call this late access.


Bro you don’t know the half of it.

Thralls are broke asf. They can’t heal by any means. Major feature of the game and your defense in the instance that you’re offline during a purge, and they don’t work in a capacity that makes them useful.

Bows are broken, completely useless in combat. I don’t care what dev says it, I shouldn’t have to sink all my attribute points into one Stat just to make a weapon viable when every other weapon already is.

Combat is still super wonky. Half the time when I swing or stab it doesn’t do damage, even though it connected, the other half the mob magically teleport to a new position.

Sound glitches and bug all over the place, delayed reactions, sound glitch loops. Every time there’s a sandstorm my character is asthmatic until I log out and log back in.

Servers are laggy af, glitchy ect…

And don’t even get me started on the Witch Queen dungeon. Whatever genius is responsible for trapping players in a dungeon and not thoroughly testing for possible scripted sequences breaking gets an F in my book. Seriously, dock that dudes pay until it gets fixed.

Yeah its a fun game, but we can only deal with this crap for so long.


Incorrect. i HAVE actually used the same binding but that also made my guy fly to the moon after i repaired it.

Well figure it out yourself then. YOU’RE doing SOMETHING wrong because I only three and I know exactly what I did wrong each time - so it seems to be operator error if it’s happening to you 50% of the time.

So figure it out yourself or don’t and keep crying about it I don’t GAF it’s your problem not mine and save your angst for PvP.