This game wasn't ready for release

This is sad. Conan Exiles should still be in Early Access. I regret paying for a private server.

Just a few things I’ve encountered and continue to deal with after release (including both bugs and poor game decisions):

  • Many options in Admin Panel are not functional or not working correctly.
  • Player and NPC corpses disappearing through terrain. Really? Like it’s some game released in the 90s.
  • Building parts not snapping together correctly.
  • Workstations and chests can be built into the wall, so if you need to rebuild a wall where the old one was it won’t work. You have to deconstruct everything that is even a hair length in the wall. You shouldn’t be able to build into the wall.
  • Fighting thralls are useless. Archers stand around and shielded thralls often don’t use weapons.
  • Having to place plant fiber in the thrall inventories so that they don’t unequip items is absurd.
  • Thralls unable to be placed because they are “too close” to another thrall. In order to strategically place thralls you have to have them follow you and then unfollow in the desired position, which makes preventing the manual placement pointless.
  • Thralls repositioning for no reason.
  • Can’t remove thralls. Have to lure them into enemy areas and watch them die.
  • NPC’s are invincible under tents/covered areas.
  • HP regen bug is still live and well.
  • Climbing and entering water is too safe. Climbing resets all NPC’s. There should be things under the water that can kill you. Not challenging.
  • Some materials are too easily farmed. Other common (NOT special) ones are a pain in the ■■■. Balancing needed.
  • Camera positioning during character creation still gets messed up.
  • Loot chests don’t resupply/reset. You have to destroy the chest.
  • Not enough variety of NPC creatures in some biomes.
  • Wall signs bugged. The sign often displays flickering of letters.
  • No in-game descriptions of what items actually do. Info gives lore but no real direct, critical information. Found myself on Google and Youtube a lot.
  • Simple bandages should be available when starting out.
  • More variety of weapon types (and their animations) as well as armor needed.
  • Bow and arrow sucks for regular use. Good for pulling and that’s it.
  • You can learn and benefit from all religions even if the gods are “jealous”. That doesn’t make any sense.
  • No real difference between races.
  • Perk system needs reworking. Some perks are not very useful.

And last but not least…

  • Poor support in the “Support” section. Many forum posts go unanswered. All that says to me is that Funcom doesn’t want to acknowledge big problems. At least admit and say you’re working on it or you will lose players.

Funcom, focus on fixing and improving on existing content. Then worry about new biomes and everything else. This wouldn’t be such a problem if the game hadn’t been released yet. It’s not worth $40 in the state that it’s in.


+1 Accurate list and assessment.

I am having a lot of enjoyment in SP (and previously in heavy RP) but with all the issues the game is seriously ‘On The Fence Worthy’. The worst is to see a lot of these issues for a looooong time without fixing…but a lot of new things being added. That is the REAL issue.

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  • Enemies stuck in terrain and even myself.
  • Preservation box not showing inventory space. I have to select Give item in my own inventory.
  • Standing next to creature and my attacks not registering.
  • ‘Rubberbanding’ in place with no connection problems. Can be caused by using emotes apparently.

More to come.

Don’t forget the worst one, searching for servers crashes your net.

Also Purge doesn’t really work, It only announces the purge is coming and it has been magically defeated 10 seconds later.

Which of these do you not have an issue with, specifically, Shadoza?

None of the bugs I’ve listed here are apparently new, so there’s no point in formally posting them. I’ve posted a few times in the Support section but I don’t see what difference it makes since few posts get responses from the developer, apparently.

The point here is that the game was not ready for release. When you purchase a game that has been officially released, you expect a certain quality of product. This doesn’t pass, even when only considering bugs and nothing else. Unless you enjoy screaming at your computer… then by all means give your stamp of approval.

Not all of these are bugs, no. But the bugs that you did quote like invincible NPC’s, non-functional AI (don’t think they designed thralls to just stand around and stare or only block without attacking), not being able to see your character when you’re supposedly customizing it, building pieces not fitting together as intended, and losing carried items because your corpse disappeared into the aether… those are not a problem?

The way I read “no issues” was that it’s not something that needs fixing. Well then, I’m glad you haven’t had the misfortune of experiencing those things… yet.

I knew I forgot something obvious. The workaround for map markers is using a controller if you have one for pc. The thrall pants removal… well, I guess some of them must have partied too hard while you were away.