This game is not ready for official release

The whole video game industry is rubbish atm.
This culture or releasing a game at full price when the game is clearly not optimal is bs.
You pretty much cant purchase any game these days.

Its all about the cash rather than the experience.
Gaming will never get back to the quality of the past.

Buying a finished quality game willnever be possible again, devs always be like " we’ll patch it later"

Funcom you released Conan exiles as a cash grab, no other reason to release a game with so many errors.
This is a BETA at best, that Funcom wants top dollar for


and I realized why Blizzard is one of the greatest gaming company.

I know Funcom guys are trying hard to get their jobs done too, but it’s not quite there.

I guess it’s actually pretty tough job for any mid tier gaming companies to make their games run without many problems.


Let’s hope the QoL update can fix most of the issues, it would be really disappointing if they can’t

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Players expect a polished game at launch, its that simple.
All these bugs should have been ironed out in a beta.
I would gladly pay more at release to provide some funds if the game was in a playable state.
Why no Beta Funcom?


Blizzard is more interested in pushing their social justice narrative than making games. I’m sure Funcom could push out the same level of polish with the budget Blizzard is working with. That said, this game is in rough shape. I really want to like Conan, but here we are almost 3 weeks after release without any major patch to the massive bugs. I just got hit by a dancer thrall for 12 bleeds. I died in seconds after being hit once. Stuff is falling through the floors. The journey steps are breaking for people. It’s nearly unplayable. I had really high hopes for this game, but my eye is now wandering.


Name one Multiplayer Game that was Polished at release that needed NO patches and Updates.

Worms Armageddon for PS2.

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9 letters and starts with O. Not only that game did not needed more polishing, it was over polished at release.

The reason why those companies have hard time is because they are making it harder.
In this case, Couple weeks before release, game was in much better shape.

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Funcom same level with Blizzard if they have same budget???

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Thats actually enjoyable, the challenge of getting dancers now is in another level, I hope they don’t nerf it, its supposed to be hard.


Oh dancers aren’t that bad. Bleed damage is affected by armor, so with heavy armor on, bleed is weak.
You can also dodge and not get hit, even with multiple dancers on you at the same time.

People just need to use the tools available to them.

But there definitely is something wrong if a dancer applied 12 stacks of bleed in a single hit. In my experience, they always apply 2 per hit, excluding the first attack of their combo which does not apply bleed at all.

You can use Set Antidotes and Violet Cureall to instantly remove bleed.

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I am so sadly agree with you, but now is not the past. In the past, the devs studios were involved into the marketing, as part of the game. Now times are different, as you get development and investors. Investors doesn’t want a game lasting over years, what they want is just cash quick return. Simple as that, and still this business model will be used, still we will get trash games. For Funcom it’s their second trash release.

Maybe you heard about starcitizen, a kickstarter with more than 150 millions dollars, totally financed by players, so no deadline for rushing. Maybe this one will make the job, wait and see, but for now, we have only those junk game…


I don’t mind the bleeds, but the number they stack is bugged. I get hit once and get the normal few sometimes, but sometimes you get 10+ and just die from effectively getting hit once. You can’t heal through it either. Maybe they could make bandages stop bleeding?

Bandages do stop bleeding. This was added via the healing rebalance patch a week or so before release.
Unless they are bugged and don’t work, which would not be surprising. But any heavy armor should absorb enough damage for you to survive, unless you were already pretty wounded.

I’ll test bandages vs bleeding here in a bit. I never did try to cure bleed with them myself.

Okay tested. Bandages will heal through bleed and they cure it after 5 seconds when the healing ends.
Bleed normally lasts 20 seconds, so there’s plenty of time to test it out to see if it works.

I tested this by racking up 18 stacks of bleed from the dancers at The Den and then stepping off a cliff to get away from them. Then used a bandage.


Have heard about star citizen. 150mil now, geez.
It is the most impressive and ambitions video game in existence

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My bad, it is now 186 millions with 2 millions donnors

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Don’t you even try to say Funcom could be as good as Blizzard. They had their chance in the past. They couldn’t even deliver 10% of what Blizard did. What they did release every time was “Broken game, lots of bugs, broken promises and lies on top of other lies”.

Conan Exiles for now is shaping same as their AoC before. They are doing the same thing as in the past.
If they continue going this way, Conan Exiles will be my last title from them as i don’t feel like being lied to on every step and milked.


I apologize I don’t remember the examples that were mentioned, but I do remember back when AoC was released. I was extremely excited about that game. So much that I actually built my PC at that time specifically around ensuring I could max the graphics of AoC with a good frame-rate. I even bought the Collector’s Edition of that one.

While I was waiting for open beta and stress tests to occur, I remember being pretty active on their forums. I recall seeing a lot of people talking crap about Funcom, pretty much saying a lot of the things people are saying now. Back then I just assumed they were all nay-sayers, the game looked awesome, so I didn’t take any of it to heart. Then launch day happened. Everything was beautiful, fun, exciting, all sorts of good words. :smiley: Until we got out of Tortage…

Once we got out of Tortage, everything changed. First thing many of us noticed was no more voice-actors. As time went on and people were leveling, we saw more and more unfinished content. Hell, I remember reaching lvl 68 on my assassin and asking my guild where the quests were at. They told me there weren’t anymore until Funcom adds them, so I’d have to grind my way to 80. Really, no more quests after lvl 65?? In other words, at that time it was a very unfinished product that was put out for release, and people were paying $15/month for it.

I did enjoy that game, but only for about 3-4 months before I got bored of it. It was then that I took into consideration what all of those naysayers said, and told myself I’d never buy a Funcom game again. I completely avoided The Secret World because of that, which sucks, because as time went on I hear nothing but good things about it. Still, the name Funcom kept me away.

Well, until I saw the first trailer for Conan Exiles. I was just growing fond of survival games, and like many, I just love the Conan I.P. I even remember telling my wife “Damn it! I don’t want to buy one of their games, but, but, look at it! I have to!” lol

Well, to end my morning ramble, I’m very glad I bought this game. I really enjoy it, and it’s become the most played game on my steam library(even topping skyrim). Unfortunately, though, it didn’t do anything to change the way I view Funcom. Cut/unfinished content, bugs galore, and that Conan sword DLC only for physical copies really didn’t help them at all. That just showed me some shoddy business practices on an unfinished game that doesn’t deserve people buying multiple copies of it.

I have a love/hate relationship with them. They seem to continue along this trend of theirs, yet, who else but them could have thought of a game like this in the Conan universe?? I never would have.


comparing games that took 5+ years to make vs. a game that took 2. It’s 2018 and people still can’t process information effectively. lmao.

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“1.0” probably means something else to marketing than it does to developers.

If this would have been a space shuttle it would have exploded on launch.

“For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.”

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