This game is still early access

This game is never a full official released game for a full price. This is still a early access. It feels more like a game which should now enter the EA after it was tested in a pre alpha.

Instead, Funcom promised the blue form the sky to boost sells in the EA phase and close before this “official release”, they canceled almost all promises.

If you guys need money because you dont have it to create a game, start a kickstarter campaign. Dont misuse early access for collecting money to create a game you dont know if and how it will work. You cant promise things to hype your game into heaven and boost sales just to cancel all promises a few months later. People wont trust you in the future. Where is city life ? Where are mounts ? Even the Purge is just a Purgy because you cutted most of the promised content planned for the Purge like for example known enemies from the Conan universe (Tulsa Doom ?) which we can break and use them as our thralls. Instead we get attacked by hyenas, crocos and broken humanoid NPCs which run around like headless chicken doing almost no damage on player or buildings (I am playing on a official server). And the best part of the Purge is : Because Funcom doesnt know how to write the code for the Ai to climb walls, swim or use catapults, we need to build our bases so that the Purge has free entry or they will just spawn out of our foundations in our living room. Sorry but LOL. And you sell this game for a full price of 40-50 Euro/USD ? Funcom, you need to work on you. Your customers love the Conan universe and they like your games but they wont trust you forever if you keep acting like this in the future. If you think you can sell a million copies and live for the next 100 years, think again. You sold a million copies of Age of Conan, promised many things, didnt deliver and in the end you was close to die as a company. If you dont fix this game and start to deliver the promised content, I give you 3-4 years and you are back there where you was in 2016. A broken company with empty bank accounts and debts.

And dont tell me you didnt know that mounts are not possible because your code is so broken that the game runs on a gaming computer like on a soviet typewriter from the 80s. You knew that from the first day you promised the mounts. From the very first day :wink:

I had my fun with the game and I am not angry. I am just disappointed. Again. After Age of Conan. Again you promised and delivered just 50%.

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