Funcom not adressing anything, legal issues, perhaps make a united refund claim

I for one think this is so bad, and it should be adresses with legal respresentation.
Instead of we all singular fight each our fight for a refund or some sort of compensation.
We should make a united claim, and start holding these self entitled authorities responsible for their actions.
I am a systems developer myself in both structured and objected, and rarely in my 18 years experience have i seen anything this bad.
Not even when someone calls me because they have paid 100$ for a freelance developer that just put together some modules.
Thats what funcom is currently dishing out, bad code, bad clients, and very bad handling of the situation.

Connection issues, basic ui functionality still not ported propperly from console, a ton of live errors and severe bugs not being adressed. Items missing, servers run very thin with load issues.
Ai working like its a bought module never configured, like most of the game works, besides some graphics.
Severe issues like this is a clear indication of left out testiing and propper implementation, porting.
The list is endless, servers on wrong time zones in a week not being handled.
Basic things not being adressed or taken seriously is in no way a produkt that is released, it is a ■■■■■■ and grab left to sink ship. And that has legal issues if adressed propperly.
Steam selling it as an mmo is sufficient grounds to seize all sales in the eu from a authorative perspektive.


They should just sell the Conan IP to someone else and stop working on gaming industry. Ever.


Lol. I’m playing every night without issues, you legal claims are garbage and would be dismissed in a split second.
Probably this is the first video game you ever play, have fun with everything else running way worst than this, you should issue all the industry.


u have no 1 issue ? everything is bugless ?

sorry but thats a lie und you sounds like a blind fanboy


Must say im not sure about what game you are talking about? I play it frequently and are like 90% overall happy. Always some bugs that would be nice to iron out, but what you describe over is not the Conan Exiles i play.


LOL fanboys inc ?

servers are lagging

mobs have no aggro/ thralls do not attack
hunger/thirst is buggy
alchemy flasks are buggy
building system is buggy, decay timer is buggy
structures, buildings dissapers randomly

i have spend 350h already and like the game. but this funcom politic is scam

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There are bugs, but none gamebraking. Find me a bugless game in the entire steam library. Me a fanboy? It’s just I’m sick of crybabies that come ranting on this forum becouse some not specified or documented bug “ruined” their day. Then the lagal claim is the most ridicolous I ever read. Imagine it “Judge, bad funcom guys patched the game and my virtual slaves felt through the floor!”

Did you ever play a single other videogame in the last ten years? CE is among the most stable of them all and it’s even multiplayer. Some single player games are a bugfest. Other games delivered 10% of what they promised in EA and courts around the world refused to even discuss the matter and you want to sue Funcom for the state of CE? Get in the real world mate.


sorry when a “mob” and npcs do not attack ITS GAMEBRAKING
if your own buildings just disappear, that’s gamebreaking

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They fixed the building disappearing. If you claim the issue persists you tell lies.
In this game there will always be issues, if you can’t live with them go play the other perfect games on the market .

How about you wait until they come back from the vacancy before claiming they won’t address anything?

It’s not like they didn’t warn us they would be taking it. If you’re that impatient go play something else until they’re back.


just a question for Elathar, how many hours have you play ? More than 2, forget about refund

Instead of just ranting give substance to your words: make a group, pick an attorney, go to Norway and sue them. And be sure to stream it all, I’m grabbing popcorns and soda.

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I am ready with popcorn too. This thread delivers in fail :smiley:



This game works very well.

It feels like something that has a pretty robust build: when there’s a bug, it can usually recover, you just need to respawn, or escape the container and try again, and stuff like that.

And in general, it’s a great experience, I don’t see any problems that you can’t work around.

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There are really people who say there are no bugs and everything runs perfectly. no idea how to deliberately be so blind and lying


Other people’s experiences may differ from yours, depending on which server they play on. The only bug I’ve encountered on the server I play on is wells/fish traps not refilling, for example.

I play on an official server. and on the 4 other official servers I’ve tested, it’s also buggy

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its the same version on private servers…

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I have many issues with Conan but… i have 2.5k+ hours in this game. So, no -)

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