What seems to be the problem Funcom?

After today’s update, I blew the dust off the game to see if anything has been resolved with the performance. Nope…nada…nil. The game still stutters like hell, actually worse than after the pets update, and now the rendering has gotten worse…much worse. Running across the terrain, now animals and environmental elements aren’t rendering until I’m within about 20 paces of them. I see many people are still having these issues.
It’s only been five months, Funcom. When are you going to get this game running right? ARE you going to get this game running right? If Funcom doesn’t get the game fixed soon, people should have the right to a refund for an unplayable product. If not, good luck selling future games…you’re gonna need it.


I think its getting to the point that they need to drop the pride, accept they just can’t face the challenge of making this game 100% working and ask for help from another company (devs, freelancers), seriously, theres nothing wrong with that, I do this all the time when I face these kind of challenges in my work, im sure the community would like FC more if they do that instead of letting the game on this state for more months/years.

But it seems their CEO just care about money, FC will never have a good reputation this way, its already not a good one, with Conan Exiles future death, more and more ppl will confirm this, future generations won’t be fooled again.



Funcom (nor any other gaming company) is going to ask others for help. It is just not something done in the industry.

First off, there is the cost. This is not some subscription based MMO nor does it have a host of micro transaction that keep income rolling in. And even if Funcom’s gets a small royalty off each server rental, none of that would cover the cost to bring in some outside help. Nor will investors start throwing money to Funcom to improve a game thst has been released and has limitef earning potential even if new paid content was released. So there is no money for or incentive for an outside group to come in.

Then there’s the whole intellectual property rights. Yes the game is built using a licensed gaje engine but all the rest, that’s Funcom’s code. They won’t share it with others for free. There is too much risk for code theft. And i’m betting if Funcom is like any other company, there is at least one corporate lawyer who would require an agreememt with any third party, which will require other lawyers to review, which means money and thst goes back to the first part of this post.

Then there is also the copyrighted property of Conan. Funcom just can’t make a Conan game because they want to. They signed an agreement with the owners of Conan. Letting some new company into the mix would most likeky cause all sorts of legal wrangling to occur. That takes time and money, neither of which has a goid chance of being recouped, so probably won’t happen.

Then there is the whole on-boarding process. This isn’t building a house (not thay house house building is simple). A company can’t come in and just throw their code into the mix. It doesn’t work thst way. You have to spend time learning the old code so you can debig and work any new changes in without making more problems. Again this takes time and money, so won’t likely happen.

So I would not expect anyone to come in amd help Funcom out. It would not generate a profit and is not how the industry works.

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I beg to differ. During development process FC hired a third-party to work on Mob AI…remember that?

If you’re telling me that they can’t make a product that works right because it costs too much money, then the business needs to be evaluate how it runs itself, right?

IP is handled by NDA, that’s done all the time.


Ma’s require lawyers and money. Conan Exiles doesn’t t seem to be generating more of that. If you owned s company, would you spend momey signing an NDA on this game in the hopes of making the money back?

As for the 3rd party AI company, that was part of debelopmemt costs. The game has been released, pushed out by a board and investors that wanted to see costs recouped based on some of what the devs have suggested. If the board and investors wete pushing to release the game, then there wasn’t money left to spend, especially post release, and especially without some very good way of bringing in more income.

I’m sorry, but this idea of some company comimg in to fix this game just is not realistic at all.

Who says that? If that is not a common thing does that mean it can’t be done? Arenanet did that with Blizzard (that actually the Blizzard’s employee left afterwards and joined Arenanet).

Tell me what are DLC’s for if not generate income for a post launched game? And even not being that “big” income, its enough to hire one or two developers with expertise on the area they’re lacking off.

They sold more than 1 million copies of CE, that is enough money to hire the most expensive developers of the planet, if they already got out of it, I don’t know where they put it in, because the current ones (im sure they’re must be good at something) just couldn’t make the job, and if they still need time to do so, the game shouldn’t be released at first place.

FC owns the Conan rights, they do whatever they want with it. Of course if other company join the project there will be all sorts of legal wrangling to happen, contracts exists for that, this wouldn’t be a clandestine one for obvious reasons.

Not that the code is a golden secret right? Who bigger than FC would want to stole it? and this would be professional work, not a clandestine one as I said, and in the case of freelancers joining in, im pretty sure they would want to avoid problems instead of get their careers screwed in the court.

I agree with you that this wouldn’t generate a profit worh for the CEO pocket, and theres where the problem resides, GREED!

Learning the old code, debugging, polishing, that for sure would require money and time, isnt that what game development requires ? We all know it does, but FC boss is selfish enough to not care about this as his company already sold enough for the 5th generation of his family.

He may plan to abandon FC in sometime, thats may be the cause he doesn’t care about the reputation of it, and the current employees must have a good salary aswell, because lets be honest, Conan Exiles looks like a Fan Made game.


It’s really a pity, I deeply love the game.
I don’t remember to have spent so many hours in a videogame like I do in CE.
And honeslty it hurts to see Funcom unable to make the game run decently.
Because if you think pc is bad you never played CE on consoles…

I am crazy enough for the game , that if they would ask another time the full price to finally fix the game properly, I would pay it gladly, seriously.

{please take the following with due proportions}
This story with Conan Exiles is just like one of those bad romances, you know.
You love the girl/man very much, when you are with her/him is paradise, until is not.
She/he is not the right one, she/he is wrong at the core, and you keep struggling between the love you have for her/him and hoping she/he will change, and in the process you keep taking all the huge amount of crap that the relationship brings on you.

Yes, just a videogame, I hear you, and is not real.
But I like to remind myself, that my lifetime hours spent -trying- to have relaxed time with a videogame are, very much, real.


I’ll answer that, players with different rig and different servers with different rig, thats why, how to solve this? Optimization and using high quality servers, done! You won’t have a sea of ppl with problems.

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flag the post all you want fanboys. I was reasoned and attacked no one. This is why this game dying quick keep it up. This IS part of the problem right here.


How do i unflag a post peepz should stop that flagging
just because the poster has his grieve,
rant or negative opinion that does not suit some others.

He’s was not out of line in any way.

I was willing to deal with the bugs , my whole clan was… unfortunate there customer service is sooo bad they drove an entire clan of EA players away from the game , refuse to answer emails concerning the terrible treatment we received mainly because we email the same person who was doing the terrible service. They honestly could give a toss, entire community’s driven away with zero care given. We were willing to talk and explain ourselves at first. Now we are a whole team devoted to making sure people know what there getting into when buying Funcom products. What’s the problem? They are the problem.

He was not beeing nice either but that is not required in a firm discussion.

It is moderation subject so mods may delete my post if needed.


They can get it unhidden via just editing their post as even just changing a small thing seems to do the trick I think.

Aha well ty, we should do that then imo nothing wrong here.

If I owned a company I would run things significantly differently than FC has.

See, there’s this concept of a triangle with quality, cost, and schedule making up the three sides…they all interact and affect each other. By cutting cost you reduce quality and fail to meet schedule.

It’s hard to sell a product that is of inferior quality and does not make advertised schedule commitments.

After getting to the point of a behind-schedule inferior-quality product, there are few options. To sell more product the quality and public perception of the product must be improved. Any imaginable way of doing so will incur cost…ideally a sound business would choose a method that has the best cost effectiveness, and in this case that may be seeking a third party to supplement. It may not. I don’t know their details well enough, and neither do you…but I do know that conceptually increasing quality will incur cost and take time, and that refusing to increase quality will result a lack of increase in sales. SImple enough!

it called culling process
the further away you are the less polygon and less render they are. it to cut down data packet as well as graphic card power.


Lol dude thats about 60% of the posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay I understand this can help performance in servers, though in my personal experience it’s doing the opposite, since when you move a step right the game stutters while loading and render whatever. At least for me, I haven’t experienced any better performance, on the contrary, it’s gotten worse. I’m puzzled…

Then the company should rename itself to FunCrom since they seem indifferent to your cries.


Good question. I have no answer for that and couldn’t even guess.

Except it happens on single player as well. No server involved.

I have only created an account in this forum to also share how bad this is.
Its probably the worst, every time i try to play this game they patch it and it messes everything.

Its already bugged as it is, and whenever they patch something happens to my game and then i have to verify file integrity etc. Now after today’s patch i keep getting a “render” error message that crashes my game all the time.

This game is so bugged, the servers suck with so much lag, their patches are pathetic, i think they do the patch before testing because every time they patch they fu** up something. I am not a developer, but if its really that difficult, do as the op said, get someone who knows how to do this.

They sold this game that is unfinished we bought knowing this under the premise that they would build the game and give us a finished game after sometime. However they even sell and create more expansions before fixing the damn game. This company is just the worst. Its a shame that the game is cool because of its universe and some of the building aspects of it, while the rest of it its all garbage, the combat system is horrid, the functionality of it in a sense of being able to play the game with not much shi*t is just the worst.

Most bugged game i’ve seen. What makes it worst is that its a game that you have to grind like an f***head to just lose all your stuff because of this recurrent bugs, crashes etc.