This game is not ready for official release

And that’s the problem with this game, it clearly isn’t ready and would need at least another year to be in state where forums would not be cluttered with bug posts and balance issues. Once you put game in release state the 2year excuse goes away with it, it’s poor planning or pressure from top!


Forums will always be cluttered with bugs and balance issues. That’s a simple fact of reality. No piece of software is perfect. The saturation can be off on one light source and somebody will be there to REEEE.

Comparing a persistent survival multiplayer sandbox to first party single player games is incredibly naive, and only shows ones ignorance of the actual development process and an inability to tell the difference.

It’s not poor planning either. It’s a fundamental reality of the game industry. The majority of developers operate on 2 year windows now. It’s a more sustainable form of business, or are you gonna sit there and tell a company with a highly educated work force and over 20 years of industry experience that you know better, internet guy.


“No piece of software was perfect on release”
“It just launched”
“Give it time”

For hells sake people. They HAD time, they had two years of people paying to test their game in the early access phase. They literally had an army of freebie-testers and feedback and some of those old bugs still exist today (true: most of them are gone, but new ones came up). Not only they have NOT finished their game but also made it ridiculously easy and unbalanced:

  1. Dungeons are no challenge, you can solo all of them around lvl 40 wearing simple medium armor and steel weapon (including black temple), any difficulty they had before (like one-shot spike traps in temple) is now gone
  2. Combat system is all smoke and mirrors, nice animations with broken hitboxes, terrible chase/stamina management mechanics
  3. Dancer buff exploit is still working
  4. Building under the textures is still possible
  5. Even tho we got 2 new lands they lack any meaningful content, there is NOTHING to do in conan once you reach lvl 60
  6. Falling under textures, vanishing bodies and randomly disappearing buildings are still rampant
  7. Broken purge (purge defeated the second it spawns)
  8. Content locked behind admin-spawn-exclusive mobs: Derketo priest | White+Black dye thrall | Legendary repair kit thrall are all unobtainable on official servers
  9. Ymir faith STILL broken - Ymir faith material used to be gathered by gathering trees with hoarfrost axe, that is why everything @ymir temple was so expensive to make. Now hoar-frost axe does not yield shards from chopping down lumber, you get them by harvesting humanoid corpse just like any other faith, problem is COSTS REMAINED THE SAME, in short: you have to kill 5 mobs to create 1 faith.
  10. FunCom keeps adding weapon tiers that are of no use: Serpent-Man, BlackIce and Obsidian are literally useless
  11. We are still having “equip piece of light armor” bugged
  12. Netcode/rubberbanding/double spawns and other server issues
  13. Constant crashing and fps drops for no reason
  14. Complete lack of PVP balance: all you need to fight is silent legion+kingslayer/talith’s sorrow and instead of building a base just build yourself few vaults under water.

There is TON of issues, and thats AFTER all the feedback they have been getting from early access.


How are dungeons challenging? Which part of them?

  • Dregs can be done with stone 2 hand weapons and few wooden/bone shields you can gather when clearing the village before the entrance
  • Black Keep has no traps anymore that can one shot you and the final boss can be bugged on the stairs to deal no damage
  • Volcano requires only a 40 vitality perk and can be done naked, you can take a shortcut to the boss by some proper jump/climb action if you turn left so you go straight to boss instead of going around and the ghosts that spawn die in one/two hits so all you need is a good axe and just swing it around
  • Witch Queen stone giants can be killed with fists if you have enough time to spin around their left leg (they deal no damage if you know where to stand) and the Queen is a joke since she takes every Crowd Control like a champ
  • Temple of Frost is the only challenging one due to the frostbite but you dont have to actually fight anything there
  • Barrow king deals little damage and is more predictable than John Oliviers show.

If you find any of those dungeons challenging than I feel bad for you. Its okay for them to be a breeze for a party of lvl 50-60 geared people but no, all of them can be done half naked with no effort.

“I do not have issues with crashing” - well if you read the forums you are the lucky one, Im running a beast of a setup and I still get random FPS drops around some areas up north and random crashes when simply walking around doing f* all

“I like the combat system” and the “PvP cannot be balanced” - you obviously didn’t do much pvp


Ah yes, the mythical precedent where someone made a persistent survival mmo in 2 years that wasn’t done in voxels flawlessly.

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There seems to be some kind of a disconnection here when it comes to gameplay in a multiplayer universe.

On my PVP server, solos need to “move north” before they feel they can be strong enough to take on the Black Keep. You know why? In a PVP world, clans and regular people are raiding you endlessly, and every stronghold you make is slightly better than the last. You hope to hold onto whatever heavy armor you can. This isn’t my experience. This does come from a convo in chat just now.

In the real, competitive world, you can’t just spit out whatever armor at whatever stat you need. Taking on a dungeon requires some actual preparation and hard work. Even at LVL 60 some players can struggle with the stats enough that this boss solo is too much to risk. I’m just focusing on The Black Keep, but you catch my drift.

I don’t have issues with crashing, but my testing machine sometimes does. These IT things can be supported without creating undue acrimony vs the game.

Faint praise. The combat system is good because it’s an actual combat system. What we had before was not worth real comment. Since right now it’s basically v1.2 or whatever, I suspect your feelings might be a bit premature. As it is, it feels great against other players. If you know what you’re doing, you can hold your own 1 v 2 or 3.

What kind of preparation do you need for dungeon? I’ve ran through whole black keep naked, clicked stones to learn recipes and bailed out because I could not be arsed to fight that slow moving thing that doesn’t do anything. So now I have silent legion armor, next step craft hunting bow and some snake arrows and farm the Rocknose boss above unnamed city for legendary weapons. Once you get your desired weapon you can start using that new amazing combat system that went from left click to 4right clicks:D

Could you do that in EA days when game actually had balance? absolutely not because you would actually progress through game.

And that’s the sad f______ state the game is in right now it gets boring way to fast for players like myself. And for players that love to grief others it means this is perfect state and we all know what happens to servers when people are allowed to do stupid s___ like that in basically no time.


Most people forget that even the sounds and music are actually from Age of Conan and didn’t really require that much in terms of development cycles. What the f else were they working on for two years?

Their roadmap goes probably 3 weeks out and reeks of poor planning and poor vision.


I recommend just farming the sand reaper queen so you can use a good melee weapon. She won’t fight back.

People defending the game and saying “sure there’s a few bugs” are beyond comprehension.
The game is clearly unfinished and full of design flaws and bad programming.

I do like the game but running into hundreds of bugs on a daily basis is making me grow tired of it rather quickly.



Conan Exiles Official Release date: 8 MAY 2018.


Gonna be honest, I didn’t read any post in this thread, I only read the title and didn’t feel the need to start a new thread about the same thing. That being said, I agree with the title.

I am a long time fan of Conan dating back to the original Arnold movies (yeah, I’m old). I was excited to really get into this game. I skipped the early access in order to experience a polished game instead of fighting through bugs as early access is intended to be.

Then on release day, I got into the game. First thing I noticed, no chat. (I’m on ps4. And before you question me skipping early access and pointing out the ps4 didn’t have early access, I debated on buying an Xbox for the purpose of playing this game. That’s how much I looked forward to it)

2nd thing, there’s no guidance as to what the point is. I know this is a survival game and the no guidance sandbox is kind of the point but that formula doesn’t work with a well known IP like Conan. Dude shows up in the opening cinema scene then GL BRO. Huh?

3rd lack of magic. I get that there were issues with magic during early access and whatnot, releasing it game after giving up on it just further proves that it wasn’t ready for launch. “But you can summon gods!” Yeah, you can summon gods, and they can even give you blessings in the form of gifts… that’s lame. And the gods are broken.

  1. Archery. I won’t rant about this too much because it’s already been does so much on these forums, but it’s broken as well. Npcs cripple with every shot and when players hit npc’s in the legs with arrows so much that they look like they leg f****d a porcupine, npcs still are able to run up and smash, stab, or whatever it is they want to do to you.

There are more but for me to go on is a bit redundant because (tl;dr) the game isn’t polished. I don’t know if that’s just the curse of the genre, because no one has yet to get it right, or if developer deadlines supersede putting out a quality product. I betting on a bit of both.

This is strike 2 for me and Funcom. I also wanted to like the MMO but again, combat was jacked up from the start due to a false guided emphasis on combos. I get that you want to focus on melee because it’s a Conan title but if you aren’t playing as Conan… what’s the point? Are we all suppose to try to be Conan? I just don’t get it.


Shadoza @Barnes

You can do this naked if you have 30 vitality perk. All you need is to survive the crossing of the bridge, once you reach the obelisk temperature is high enough for you to take no damage. Once iside you just sprint for the door key ignoring all the slow-as-f* mobs and then rush towards the boss. Once inside the boss room you can just click the stones to learn the recipes and jump down the well to exit the dungeon.

To kill the boss you also dont need any armor, all you need is bow and arrows then just pull the boss to the balcony (stairs right from the boss room entrance) and jump down. AI is too dumb to go down so he will just keep spamming his attacks in the air dealing no damage. Preparation? Lol. Risky boss? Are you kidding?

Also, you need no preparation to go North. What i have done is went there straight after game launched and cleared the camps with mammoth, resulting in being lvl 15 with hardened steel weapons and T1 mud-house outside Asgard filled to the brim with free steel. It didn’t take long for me to build a T3 castle.

Currently to resist any raiding all you need to do is to build high on “pillars” like - top of “The Breach” (south side of the Northern Aqueduct), top of Klael’s Stronghold, Fingerbang Rock etc - build high and spam your area with underground foundations so enemy will have no chance of building high treb tower (and remember: gods are useless).


I totally get all you’re saying. Sure, everybody who’s a ganker on our server did just that with Legion. If you do it now, you’re just prey. Anybody without enough levels who’s gathering Legion booty from the skeletons is simply making himself a walking loot chest.

If you’d tried your T1 landrush, you’d be on a new server by now – on Day 2 the pop was so thick around Asagarth that your free steel would’ve been a ganker’s renewable node. I guarantee your raid-resistant building ideas would excite the leading clan on our server and they would pick at your claims daily until they can fit in a drop tower. Seen it just recently. There’s no pressure like human pressure, and thus every server/situation is different.

Nobody actually complains that the game is not perfect.

The issue is the amount and severy of bugs, not helped by the fact that many bugs are reintroduced after being fixed.

The total number of reported bugs (see the bugs forum) is huge, and although a small number of those are actually not bugs, most are. A large number of those are mainly cosmetic, indicating a lack of polish not suited for a 1.0 release, and then there are some rather severe bugs that negatively affect major game features:

  • health regen buff from dancers is randomly OP and permanent (until death/logoff), causing major pvp balance issue: 1hp/s regen vs e.g. 20hp/s regen.

  • bound thralls can disappear when unbound, and can disappear when put into wheel of pain.

  • Purge does not trigger reliably

  • fighter thralls randomly do not attack, and/or archer thralls try melee while out of melee range and unable to reach enemy.

  • an entire dungeon were all mobs and boss do not aggro (“The Passage”)

  • no rain and snowfall (single player)

many collision mesh / hit detection bugs:

  • hits frequently not connecting in combat vs npc’s
  • player character and npc’s/mobs intersecting in combat, frequently causes player character and npc’s/mobs to get stuck inside one another
  • npc’s/mobs getting stuck inside/on structures, building pieces, trees, rocks, terrain
  • thralls /npc’s falling through building pieces
  • purge npc’s can get stuck/lost ‘somewhere’ so that the player can not complete the attack wave, next attack waves do not appear.
  • npc’s ignoring collission of certain rocky terrain features (walk- and shoot through)
  • many minable rocks are hard to hit (no such issue with other resource nodes)
  • npc’s are invulnerable while under npc tents
  • NPC corpses can sink into the ground

(this list is not complete)


Exactly. Some people to fail to understand that. I wouldn’t even expect a perfect game, but I do expect core mechanics to work properly and for all game-breaking bugs to be eliminated before official release - all of them were known months ahead of time, except for maybe for the purge since they introduced it so late.


So in a fight you’re going to stand there applying the bandage for 5 seconds while someone is hitting you?

What lead you to that conclusion? I’m pretty sure I never even hinted at such a thing.

There I explained how I tested bandages and made it clear that I got away from the enemy first.
I was merely pointing out how bandages work; it would be silly to stand there getting pummeled while you bandage. You move away and buy some time first.


i totally agree, i paid full price for an unfinished game, i just went to kill a boss when i suddently went trough the map and then was stuck behind it ( lost all my gear and farm) i do not expect to see this kind of bug when buying a game that is officially launched

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The problem is; As this hobby progresses we are not seeing the developers (strictly speaking to the bug/finished game topic) progress with it. Yes, we used to have Alpha’s and BETA’s and there were still issues at launch, the biggest issue is: they, the Game developers/producers have done nothing to alleviate this, it actually feel like we are going backwards with development.

I expect there will have to be hot fixes, patches and such however, having stuff broken in live, that was broken and known pre-release is seriously counter-productive. Gaming is the ONLY industry where you can release a broken product, and expect to not only keep selling it but make a profit as well. That is because we, the gaming community allow it. If I bought a car, and the engine or brakes or any major component failed before i even got it off the lot, I would get my money back. Not so with games. Here! just keep playing this lemon, we will eventually get you a good game! Right. Makes perfect sense.

Not saying this game is that, although it does have serious issues, but it’s more of an observation of the gaming industry in general.

On one hand we want good, finished games, on the other we will still pay for a lemon. I’ts win/win for the devs, not so much for us. But hey, forum mods need work too right? Right?.

And I am just as guilty. I will pay for and play a bad game, just like a lot of others. Sadly.



i mean im fine with these sandbox builder games having bugs and open world games too in a multiplayer fashion, but these bugs that conan exiles have are very servere.

theres no denying that Conan exiles was released from early access before it was ready on purpose, with the intention of re-invigorating the game that was dying. they needed to do something, and so releasing the game even though they knew it was still full of bugs was their answer.

i bought the game after release, and i have a ton of fun playing it, but boy does it have many insanely big bugs that just… well. these bugs are so big and easy to spot its impossible that they didnt know about it.

like all the bugs you encounter when you want to build bases. like you cant place floors if you have a door in a doorframe nearby. you cant build walls often if theres a ceiling on top that often holds chests and other items.

there are so many building bugs.

the game doesnt have a derketo archpriest, and the ymir archpriest isnt even called Archpriest, just Priest 3.

Climbing over ledges or on ledges often results in you getting thrown down.

you often end up inside big monsters specially Rhinos.

And yesterday i ran to the well of Skelos. ran through a tunnel on the way home (didnt know there was a tunnel) which lead to a loading screen. when that loading screen ended i was in the air, and fell on lava and died. why would my character not stop running during loading screen so i ran in to lava?

also from a combat perspective:
you often mini stun enemies when you hit them, both NPCs and players. yet seemingly from time to time NPCs and players that should have gotten mini stunned by your hits, dont get stunned at all so they just hit you back. wtf. either an enemy needs to get stunned or not.

and lets not forget that pillars have invisible ledges that stops your character from climbing so you often fall down and die.

And thralls often disappear when being dragged home. reapplying your leash on them sends them to the moon sometimes, and even sometimes when you knock them out cold, they also disappear.

building and thralls are this games big selling points, or some of them. yet those 2 parts are littered with bugs. Those 2 points at least, should have been fixed before release.