Ps4 should of had open beta

Really like the game, but a open beta would have done this game wonders on the ps4. I know the pc and Xbox had early access which I guess was like a beta, but the ps4 didn’t have early access which it should of. The game has only been out for a few days. They will get things fixed. I’ve seen way worse with other game launches.

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I think a open beta would have been very good. Games like these always need to get tested before launch.

In this case involving the “type” of launch involving this trap, I do not think primarily of the “need” of the game to be finally fixed, but in the simple fact that Funcom is honest with the type of product that will be sold, Kalimar47. Players have the right to know what the real “state” in which the games are being bought, and frankly, I have never seen such a troublesome game after an “official release” in PS4. I personally have no interest, patience, and willingness to buy for “early access,” “demos,” or anything like that even if the game seems to be fun or has potential. Incidentally, my “premature” experience with Conan Exiles on PS4 only reinforced that stance in me.

If Funcom preferred to sell Conan Exiles at that same “premature stage” by deceiving the public with the idea that the game is “complete” and offers a “stable” experience (I speak of basic criteria in an officially released game), I must assume that the motivations of this developer prioritized the financial factor. The problem is that now the consumer - or at least the unsatisfied portion - has no choice but to be persevering with “possible improvements in the future” (not to mention deadlines) and / or to abandon the game (or the two possibilities united).

We are not talking here just about the financial transaction and the fair expectations of the consumer, but Funcom’s credibility and transparency in selling a product under the “right” conditions in the context in which it was presented.

And another basic problem: instead of the game being able to grow and expand on new platforms with legitimate suggestions, expansions and enhancements, now “theoretically” concerns and attentions may be more focused on “repairing” an unfinished game that is already “working” (?) in the market.