Surely to be a Poor Launch on PS4

If you support your game, you’d be willing to answer the questions of console owners. What I have discovered is the complete lack of interest in Conan Exiles. This could be because many have played the beta release last year. But, there is no excitement for this game over on GameFaqs. And, here, on your own forum, there is little to no activity or responsiveness from the community.

Good Luck. Sincerely, good luck. I like the concept. But, I definitely won’t purchase if I can’t find out more. Already been burned by No Man’s Sky and somewhat by Ark Survival Evolved.

Anyone that is interested in developing your community. I am interested in playing the single player mode. I don’t enjoy PvP in most gmaes. I prefer PvE experiences. I find PvP in games like this to be nothing more than high level players griefing others out of “boredom” So, how populated is the gameworld? Does it feel empty? Can you face dungeon bosses alone? Thank you in advance for answers provided.

Could have asked without sounding like a loud chimpanzee.

Most of your questions can be found on the web. Also your view of PvP servers is very newbiesh, level is definitively not the problem in PvP servers as everyone hits max level relatively shortly. What causes the issues in PvP servers is another story however.

I’ve seen videos where bosses get solo’d , such as the silent legion boss or what ever his name is. You can also configure the settings in singleplayer such as damage taken/dealt om player, ai and so on too to get the best experience for yourself.

Lastly I agree with the low hype. It would be nice to see some ads and or some nice soon to come patches that would bring old players back. I know I am coming back because of the new awesome combat system and other revamps and changes.

For the price I paid for this game and hours spent, it is not a bad game.

Note that I play on the PC version so take things with a grain of salt.


Gamefaqs is just a small island compared to the rest of the consumer population that buy and play games. most people have no time to visit forums to look up information. You do deserve answers, but you shouldn’t write the game off just because there is a lack of effective informative marketing and the media are not doing anything to prepare the public either.

however, even if you gotta wait after launch to get answers from actual youtube videos, live streams from gamers that own the game, Im sure even forums will start having people that own the game answering questions people on the fence have.

I myself still dont have all the info before jumping in, like Im waiting for confirmation if at least digital EU version has a way for american PS4 to be able to play the game uncensored , and probably a clear answer with evidence wont show up until the week the game launches.

though I would not underestimate Conan Exiles reception. a lot of people are already trading back in GOW, and looking for something new, open world, and has multiplayer that has PVE and PVP. and Conan Exiles can be a sleeper hit despite the lack of mainstream hype having it on its radar. once its available on PSN, more could talk about it. even ARK SE wasnt really anticipated, it just appeared on PSN in a december, and then went on to be one of the highest selling PSN game for a couple months.

Conan Exiles is untested in the console market, yes its on xbox, but most wont take a game seriously until it has its official launch and there is more word of mouth about it.

so Conan Exiles could be the next high played game. ARK players may move to it too.

I think the reddit has more active people thatn here, btu anyways the answers will be out in the open once the game launches and more people have the game to demonstrate on youtube and stuff, and therefore more people to find to get more answerss about the game.


Whats Playstation? :confused:

I’ll be getting it on the PS4, I’ve been folllwoing it for a while and if it wasnt for family commitments i would certainly upgrade and go for the master race experiance on the PC :).

I expect the release to be a little buggy but thats the norm for most PS4 games at the mo. I do prefere PVE to PVP but then im nerdy and excited more of the crafiting aspect of this game.

I dont think it is fair to compare it to No mans Sky as there is alot of reference material out there from the early access on both PC and Xbox where No mans Sky was just hyped with no actual player base before the PS4 release. I do agree that there is a severe lack of excitment for the PS4 release but thats mainly due to the hype train of the God game that was just released :wink:.