End Game Missions

The addition of a mission/quest system would provide a little structure for those times when you don’t feel like building and already have explored the entire map. On Siptah you could have Valeria hand them out; on EL there could be an NPC in Sepemeru.


Bounty Hunting: generate an NPC somewhere on the map. Bring back their head. Many could be in normal camps. Mission fails if killed by another player. You get a notification. Others could be more dynamic hidden in places and you need to track them through a “tracking system” to be implemented.

Bring Back Relic: Generate relic hidden in a chest in one of the dungeons or vaults. Find it and bring it back.

Lots more possibilities. The game really would be greatly improved by more dynamic content.


Similarly, I’d like to see ‘end game’ world events.

With missions, you find the quest giver, pick up the quest, go do the quest, then return to the quest giver to get the reward.

With world events, they happen whether you do them or not and the reward is already there. Examples:

  • a priest summons an ‘Avatar’ against her enemies and is wandering around causing problems.
  • a caravan out of Sepermeru is under attack by raiders
  • a raiding party is ‘patrolling’ for ‘loot’ against small encampments (exile, darfari, lone huts, etc)
  • a elder surge beast (elite or boss) has crossed into the realm of reality near (or in) the Unnamed City

I’m sure, there are many, many more applications that can be made, but world events would help spice up the randomness of maps and allow for more ‘end game’ replayability.


Yes, absolutely. Instanced events would be cool. Anything to make the landscape more dynamic.

Agree 100%!!!

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