[SUGGESTIONS] - Simple Quests

How about adding simple quests to the game? I know, this isnt Age of Conan but it`ll bring the World of Exiles more alive. Go to NPC settlements, talk to NPC, choose and activate quests.

Quest ideas:

  1. Unlocking religions through a series of quests.
  2. Bounty quests which is basically kill quests (add some random story tidbits to spice it up maybe?)
  3. Fetch quests; the staple of all quests. Dave wants X amount of items, get it and delivery it. Sonja wants a new pillow case, sent it to her or Chuckles wants 5 Putrid Meat, but we dont have it so you go and get it and delivery it to the Evil Lord.


  1. Item rewards. Rare items or common items; take your pick.
  2. Increase “Favourability” in a settlement so they are more likely to turn a blind eye when you clobbered that one female thrall youve been eyeing since you enter the settlement.
  3. The ability to recruit unrecruitable thralls (Paying X to recruit them).

I would love to have even simpliest quests, like you wrote - find something/someone and bring it back, slay a village, make a potion… it could give nice game loop with finding resources for yourself and thinking if we don’t need it for someone else.

I dont know why, but I pictured you arriving at your destination and clubbed the person of interest unconscious and dragging him/her all the way to the quest giver. LOL

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Haha, was thinking more like escort but well, your idea sounds more like fun :smiley:

Yes this would be awesome , although this is a survival game I see no reason for it not having a few quests,especially since the books had a ton of storylines to choose from ,the single player mode would benefit a lot from this.

use admin settings to do quests, you complete a quest, you go back to the location where the quest giver is and then you use admin and add gold for the reward. It’s a way to do quest in this game in single player. As for online, you can ask other players if they need help and willing to pay you, they just might do that, RP servers are perfect for that.

I’d like to see some repeatable quests from the religious trainers. These trainers have a lot of lore going on, and it would be really cool to expand on this if possible.