Add Quests Idea

Would be great if there were quests to complete … Thinking something like escorting a character across the map, or rescuing a character from a boss or castle etc. Completing the quest could result in a legendary key, or other reward. Needs to have checkpoints and difficulty, maybe even start w/ having to escort 2-3 players and keep the alive.

Just an idea…

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This feature, if implemented, would exist for 0.1 seconds before some asshat built all over the spawns and paths necessary to make it work.


I know it’s not for everyone, but maybe try private servers. Many have quests, and admins who make sure people don’t break them.

hi, maybe if this was using random items (which can drop as additional loot), and then could simply be brought to one of those merchants and they give you something.

personally i dont mind quests, and if the “something” you get is not too powerful, then there wouldnt be much pressure on players feeling a need to do it, but rather, if they happen to find something they can bring it with them the next time they head off to that area, and get a “something” :slight_smile:

Yes, thinking an optional quest, not something that you are required to complete. Put in characters that offer the quests for those who want to take them on. I’m thinking like in Conan the Destroyer where they had to escort the princess or go kill the wizard…

maybe there is a Rampaging Rockdonkey, and someone needs 5 Rockdonkey heads as proof that the menace has been dealt with :slight_smile: (quest title: Rampaging RockDonkeys)

(reward could be some crop material, either that the rockdoneys usually eat, or maybe a large bounty of 100 Plant Fibers that they would have trampled underfoot.)

or better yet, the local Pet Tamer, requires a Sturdy Splint for an injured and hobbling Rockdonkey (made of Hardened Twine + Branches) and the Hardened Twine requires 3 Twine mixed with Stone Consolidant.

(quest title: Wonkey RockDonkey) :smiley:
Reward could be a Pebblenose who lasts twice as long if you manage to help it get better)

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