More of Thorgar type 'missions'

I would like to see more to Thorgar type ‘missions’. And why not ‘missions’ that requires players to move across the map. Even having some ‘mission’ require legendary items to barter with.
Also would be nice to have some recepies linked to this as well. Now there is a connection to some recepies and fragment of power but what if u needed some more as well, that would be fun.


I approve of this.

Would like to see more quests of this type as well.

One-off quests or other set tasks and sandboxes are in no way mutually exclusive from each other.


yes plz

How is an npc that has a reward or quest any different than a scripted event like a purge or sandstorm? Genuinely curious why an npc event is different for you than an environmental event.

I think more little bits of story or secret items hidden in the sand box sounds great.


Quests are not necessarily linear nor mandatory. And the concept of a sandbox game is not nearly as restrictive as you want it to be. Plenty of sandbox games include missions, mini-games, tasks, etc. If anything, “sandbox” is more of a spectrum than a binary feature.

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You have the freedom to do or not to do any of the current quests, dungeons, journeys, etc. Any content in Conan Exiles should be optional and it is. Proposing new quests similar to Thorgar’s is no exception.

Now hold on here. I found the miscommunication!! You used the need. I wont speak for the op, I dont want mandatory quests. Nor an active or mandatory narrative. Im over here thinking about an npc that spawns on Tuesdays thats grinding up rhino horns for reasons and wants you to bring him 10 rhino horns (not regular horns) that only drop from rhino loot tables if you accept his quest on tuesday and as a reward he gives you a little gold rhino statue. Just a placable to decorate with for completing a little mission.

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