Quest givers in the Tavern system!

Good morning exiles of every lands! I’ve been away for a while, but recently have been playing in a RP ps server. I’ve seen what Funcom as done and I’m liking very much of the evolution Conan exiles is undertaking. Still, I’ve long before suggested that it would bring life to the game the possibility of giving music instruments to entertainment thralls. With the tavern system in place it would be perfect to have thralls playing tunes in the place! And Funcom? Please consider the creation of a quest giver npc in the future of the tavern system. For players that have reached the pinnacle of levels and learning’s, it can become lonely and boring not having new thing’s to do or a challenge to overcome! Thank you :pray:


As long as there’s no stupid quests like ‘Please buy X thrall a beer’ from the bartender that’s directly in front of them

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Like some classic D&D quests - bring me 10 onions… wow, you made it… so now bring me 7 wolf pelts… amazing, you survived, you are clearly chosen by the gods, now you are ready to go to Toth Amon’s castle and free the princess :joy:

We would rather need some Conan type quests.

  • push the wheel - there is a stamina bar falling and we have to spam spacebar as fast as possible to add some stamina to the bar and keep pushing
  • impregnate our daughters - the village’s elders need strong grandchildren - same mechanics as above… :grinning: smash that spacebar!
  • run from the wolves - same :rofl:
  • steal the jewel from Temple of Set (go raid Stygians and bring X)

Maybe he barely made it to our neck of the Exiled Lands and has no more coin to spare to quench that travelers thirst?

Apart from that I really do hope we get some quests, fetch quests and kill quests are fine but maybe something specific spawns in a dungeon or very random secluded area. Boss fights and rescue quests. Escort quests with spawning raiders. There truly are massive possibilities, I am quite excited.

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