Suggestion: Tavern Sounds and Customers Getting Drunk and Disorderly?

Am certainly liking the new tavern system. It really is a great new addition and I have found has attracted some players back to some servers.

Some points:

  • I wonder if/when tavern sounds/music, audible within the tavern radius could be added (to the Bazaar)?
  • Found that you have to leave the door(s) to the tavern open or customers may just wander about outside the tavern.
  • Would be a lot of fun if there was a 10% chance of some thralls getting drunk and disorderly and turning aggressive.

Start fighting each other and the rest watching the barbaric show cheering, betting and laughing. Yea, a real medieval fantasy of a bar, totally agree, happy holidays @Grymm :tada:.


The lead designer said they want to add more elements like this do it could happen!


A bar originated purge from the inside out… I approve this message.


I would love for there to be tavern sound effects in the game!


I’m with you on the bar fights. If it must be opt in make it a choice from the bartender menu. Like " Free drinks on the house" which then triggers the patrons to overdrink and start fighting 1 minute later.

Set be with you :snake:

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