New Thrall Type: Bards for Buffs and Debuffs or playing music in game

With the musical instruments in game, I was putting them down in a tavern I was building last night and in lieu of having a juke box I was thinking since I prefer to play Conan with the background music off for immersion, it would be nice if I could place thralls, hand them instruments in the tavern, and simply tap which ever one to interact and depending on the instrument they would play that particular theme related to said culture especially with the DLC.

But to balance it out, I was wondering if it was possible to have these made as Bardic Thralls where if they’re not placed stationary and inter-actionable to get them to play music on your end so it feels more immersive, you could put them on follow and have them start to furiously play music when danger follows so I don’t have to have the sound option, or give them the ability to within a certain AOE of you and them, buff your stats only when in a fight and debuff your target. We already have bearers and archers and warriors but this would round out the cast with damage over time being added into the game.

If you guys decide to implement something like this, my greatest hope is that the named thrall looks like Miguel from the Road to El Derado and he has a mandolin to furiously play upon while looking serious following you into danger. Thanks!

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