New Thrall Ideas

So, I was standing around in my inn surrounded by a bunch of dancer thralls and that’s when it hit me… There is no music. What are they dancing to?

So I propose that this game could use some musician thralls that play music.(Whatever various instraments would be appropriate to the time/setting, pipes, drums, flutes, bells whatever… We could really use some music for our dancers to dance to. (Technically they’d probably just remove corruption like the dancers but it would lead to some nice variety I think.)

What other thrall types/variations do you think we could use?


you could also add resource collection stations and add a type of collection thrall

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Maybe alter some of the current instruments to use thrall slots for “Bard Thralls”. Than have the ability for different race thralls to play a different set of music. I was talking to my friends about this a few days ago and they all agreed it would be fun.

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The musician one has been proposed several times.

Ideally, the Dancer Thrall needs to be redesigned as the Entertainer Thrall. And work like this:

  1. You give them a new craftable musical instrument. They become a “Musician” thrall and will play music.
  2. No instrument and they default to being a “Dancer” thrall and just dancing.
  3. You could add a book item and have them sing songs like certain NPCs in taverns do in Skyrim. Or else recite a battle story.
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Crysis 1 and 2 are exactly how i see musician thralls working 3 sounds great it reminds me of that scene from the movie where Conan talks about driving his enemies before him. :slight_smile:

That is exactly what I was thinking last night, but I’m 100% sure you and I aren’t the first to mention it.

I wouldn’t mind a resource thrall.

Where you have a base and nearby are something to harvest. You place them beside it and they auto-harvest stuff. Maybe add a way to bring them back to camp when they get a full inventory to dump it into a box.

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